A neo-Nazi jailed after posting a grotesque anti-Semitic tweet to Luciana Berger MP used his Twitter account to spread white supremacist propaganda.

Garonn Helm, 21, was sentenced to four weeks in prison after his tweet to Ms Berger juxtaposed a Holocaust-era star on the MP’s head with the hashtag “Hiter was right”. Helm labelled Ms Berger a “communist Jewess” and then tweeted at her, “You can always trust a Jew to show their true colours eventually.”

Helm was born into a large family that broke apart upon the death of his father – he then retreated into the online world and found a platform for his toxic racist beliefs – whether his beliefs came naturally or where a product of online radicalisation remains to be seen. Yet, Helm’s links to the neo-Nazi group National Action exist in the offline and online world.

National Action operate on the fringes but like other far-right groups exploited the horrific abuse in Rotherham.

Helm retreated into a belief that non-white individuals, Muslims and Jews are existential threats. So extreme in his beliefs, he described the English Defence League as “Jew loving piss-heads”.

National Action deliberately target university campuses and a photo posted on September 9 features members of the group throwing Nazi salutes at the University of Leeds.

The leaders of the group speak in the language of violence and foster a siege mentality against cultural Marxism and multiculturalism.

On August 31, Helm tweeted, #Islam is a cancer, #WOTAN is the answer.” Wotan (Odin) is one of the principle Gods of Norse mythology. Helm’s Twitter name ‘‘Aethelwulf’ translates from Old English as ‘Noble Wolf’.

Other rambling tweets included, “The #Jew will never understand the connection we have with our land, for they have no land of their own. They are genocidal bandits.”

Muslim dogs starting #Sharia patrols in Germany? Get out and smash those child-raping savages, lads!”

In early September, Helm claimed his affiliation to National Action was behind his expulsion from college (but this remains a speculative claim).

A police raid on his property revealed a collection of Nazi memorabilia. In court, Helm’s actions were described as “calculated” and “deeply upsetting”.

The extreme tweets are a window into the mind of an individual who is rightfully in prison for his vitriol. But the concern is whether or not the activities will continue or escalate upon release. Muslim and Jewish communities must be vigilant against this new wave of neo-Nazism.

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