We will be making an announcement in the beginning of the New Year regarding two co-Chairs of the TELL MAMA national campaign. We are looking forward to working with these two individuals who have been leaders in their respective fields and we thank them for accepting these roles.

It has been two years since we launched the much needed TELL MAMA campaign and we have achieved the following:

– Over 100 arrests leading to prosecutions because of anti-Muslim prejudice and hate at a street and on-line level,
– We have assisted over 1650 people and conducted casework for over 1,400 people since March 2012,
– We have travelled the length and breadth of the country providing community education sessions on tackling and reporting in anti-Muslim hate,
– We have been successful in closing social media accounts that have been actively promoting anti-Muslim hate,
– We have made the case that anti-Muslim prejudice is a reality and that people can empower themselves to tackle this social phenomenon. We also continue to make the academic case at an on-line and off-line level about the reality and impact of anti-Muslim hate.

If you want to help us in our work, you can do so by:

Volunteering with us,

Donating to us and you can do so through the Paypal buttons at the front of the TELL MAMA web-site,

Let’s make 2014 a year in which we can reduce the amount of hate and intolerance around. Let us also ensure that we send a strong message to those who hate, that their narratives will be challenged and robustly so. Finally, we have a message for those who deny that anti-Muslim hate is a reality. Either you are genuinely unaware which can be addressed by reading the work on our web-site or there is an underlying motive which may be regarded as mischievous. Denial of anti-Muslim hatred is not only inaccurate, it is a further insult to victims of this injustice.