Together with our sister organisation, Faith Matters, we are pleased to announce that we are setting up a new journal on inter/multi-faith issues, identity, community, and faith, and we are currently looking for submissions from writers for its launch in September.

Over the past year, TELL MAMA have had a number of people – students, journalists, and civil society activists – writing in to us, interested in submitting articles, comment and editorial pieces, or research that they’ve done on issues of hate crime, religious life in Britain, and the subtle web of religious, cultural, and historical ties between communities in the UK and the rest of the world. We’ve published a lot of them on the Tell MAMA blog, but ultimately, we feel that they deserve to be given greater prominence and more stature.

We’re looking for a wide range of content, including research, comment pieces, reports on events and issues, facts, info-graphics, and even (if you’re creative) arts and crafts! While this newsletter is run by Tell MAMA – and so articles relating to Muslim and inter/multi-faith issues, as well as resilience against hate violence, are particularly welcome – we’re also interested in a wider range of issues relating to community, identity, and faith. Pas-e-Parda, a newsletter run by Faith Matters’ Pakistan branch, has included travel writing, discussions of British Pakistani identity (and cuisine!), and poetry.

We’re also interested in getting a wide range of views and opinions represented as part of this newsletter, in order to help spur a lively and productive debate, so don’t feel that this publication wouldn’t be right for you! Critical, clear-eyed, and intellectually provocative content is particularly welcome, and we’re keen to discuss a wide range of articles and content.


– If you want your writing published by a national NGO,

– If you’re a student who wants to sharpen your writing skills and hone your CV,

– If you’ve got strong opinions or a fresh perspective on issues of social justice or hate crimes,

– If there’s an event in your neighbourhood, or religious/other community that you want to report on,

then please get in touch with us! You can email us at We are initially looking for pieces of 500-1000 words in length, but if you get in contact with us first with an idea of what you wanted to write about, we can certainly have a chat.