Inferences, Suggestions, Trolls and Public Relations Disasters, VDissidentZ – Part 1

by TellMAMA | Sep 17th, 2013 | IT Technology, News

Well today – 14/09/13 was certainly an interesting day of writing reports, completing casework, assisting…

‘EnglishAtt’ on Twitter – Playing the Victim Does Not Reflect Your Actions!

by TellMAMA | Sep 16th, 2013 | IT Technology, News

There are times when we feel we have to write about specific individuals simply because…

Empowering Muslim Communities in Wales Through Outreach Educational Events

by TellMAMA | Sep 10th, 2013 | Mosques, News

Last Saturday we had the pleasure of visiting the Dar-Ul-Isra mosque in Cardiff who kindly…

On-line Law Breaking, the Targeting of Mosques & Promoting a Sense of the ‘Other’

by TellMAMA | Sep 2nd, 2013 | Mosques, News

Another day, another set of tweets from EDL sympathisers and this time a UKIP sympathiser….

Links to Incitement of Violence Towards Muslims & English Defence League Sympathisers

by TellMAMA | Aug 31st, 2013 | IT Technology, News

Many people ask us on social media how sympathisers of the English Defence League may…

Are the EDL a Far Right Group asks Lord Tebbit – on Many Occasions

by TellMAMA | Aug 19th, 2013 | News, Uncategorized

Very recently, the TELL MAMA project wrote to a range of policy shapers on the…

Threats from ‘Tom EDL Nelson’

by TellMAMA | Aug 19th, 2013 | News, Uncategorized

Today, we had the following individual reported into us by someone who believe that ‘Tom…

Figures from the Metropolitan Police Service on Anti-Muslim Prejudice or Islamophobia

by TellMAMA | Aug 16th, 2013 | News, Uncategorized

These are the latest figures for July 2013 from the Metropolitan Police Service. A comparison…

Response from the British Jewish Community to Attacks on Mosques Post Woolwich

by TellMAMA | Jul 26th, 2013 | Mosques, News

The Joseph Interfaith Foundation,United in a Vision for Truth Press Release The Jewish community is…

National Secular Society & the ‘Money’ Shot Which Never Was!

by TellMAMA | Jul 25th, 2013 | News, Uncategorized

The National Secular Society – Rehashing the Old Narrative Well, just as you thought that…