We are aware that mosques have become the focal point once again on some extremist far right web-sites. Mosques become the focus for the hate and bigotry of such extremists and this means that discussions regarding attacking mosques on far right internet sites and social media accounts need to be taken seriously, especially when we observed in 2013 that when such sites expressed these views, they seemed to overlap with actual attacks on mosques. We also saw this after the murder of Lee Rigby post May 2014 when extremist far right sites were populated with threats to attack mosques. During the 12 week period after the murder of Lee, over 34 mosques were attacked and we have highlighted this in this timeline map.

 Once again, we are seeing such discussions take place and some examples are listed below. We ask that mosques continue to remain vigilant on their security and maintain CCTV coverage within and around the perimeter of the mosque. We have also developed this simple leaflet for support and do maintain contact with your local Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

 Mosque threats 1Mosque threats 2

Mosque threats 4

Mosque threats 3