We receiRussia Mosque Attack 1ved the following information regarding anti-Muslim hate targeted towards a mosque in Russia. We have raised the spectre of mosque attacks in various countries across Europe and links can be found here and here.
This mosque in Moscow was targeted for anti-Muslim hate on the evening of the 11th of January. The walls were covered with intimidating and highly offensive anti-Muslim literature as can be seen from the associated pictures.

What is clear is that mosques are usually the institutions targeted by anti-Muslim bigots. Our data also shows that usual times for the targeting of mosques for anti-Muslim activity is between 10 pm to 3 am in the morning. We urge mosques to be vigilant and to ensure that lighting around the mosque is maintained and that visible volunteer patrols walk around the mosque when possible to ensure that all is well. Further support and advice can be obtained from your local Safer Neigbourhood Team.

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