Another day, another set of tweets from EDL sympathisers and this time a UKIP sympathiser. First of all, let’s introduce Natasha, allegedly from Plymouth who decides to post the following graphic stating that wearing a Hijab and a Niqab is offensive to ‘real British people.’ There are so many things wrong with this statement and let’s start off by asking Natasha from Plymouth, who she means by ‘real British people’? Is she suggesting that people who do not wear the Niqab are real British people or is she suggesting something else, possibly along racial lines? Natasha describes herself as being ‘anti-Islam and EU’, and she goes onto state that she is a proud UKIP voter.


Now, what Natasha may not know or care to know, is that women who wear the Hijab, (that’s the religious headscarf to you Natasha), do seem to suffer a great deal of anti-Muslim prejudice at a street level and this is evidenced through the cases that come into TELL MAMA. Cases coming in also seem to point to women who wear the Hijab and the Niqab, (that is the face veil Natasha), suffering greater numbers of anti-Muslim prejudiced incidents and more aggressive incidents. (The aggression is what women who wear the Hijab and the Niqab mention to us time and time again). So, the question is this Natasha. Whilst we would never expect nor want any female to suffer violence, hate or abuse, why is it ok for you to caricature and marginalise other women, many of whom state that they suffer abuse on many occassions. You see, by promoting such graphics, you are promoting the notion that Muslim women who wear the Hijab and Niqab are not British, even though many are born here, feel British and are proud of this country. But maybe that just passed you by.

We also received another set of tweets which may well fall foul of the Malicious Communications Act (2003). Here are two individuals having a public Twitter chat with potentially criminal intentions.

Watford EDL

Here we have @AntiIslamDanny who uses the Arabic term ‘Kafir’ to describe himself. Ask Danny where the actual Arabic letters which make up the word are phonetically placed and we may have lost him already. He was busy having a chat with the online Watford EDL co-ordinator by the name of ‘the Rev.’ The latter is a well known EDL sympathiser who is active online and the conversation brazenly highlights the desire of Danny to ‘close (down) some muzzrat’ web-sites. (Here we go, asssociating Muslims with vermin and you might want to see our posting in the news section on the 1/9/13 which highlights the use of this term by Far Right sympathisers). We have passed these snapshots to Hertfordshire Police as Danny very kindly listed that he lived in Hertfordshire and we have highlighted possible infringements of the Malicious Communications Act, 2003.

On a separate note, we also came across this tweet which was sent in by a member of the public. We know that over 28 mosques have suffered incidents and attacks post Woolwich and statements like this clearly do not help. We are sure that Brougham Street mosque, (possibly the Abu Bakr mosque) would like to consult with their solicitors on this since if not true, there are a number of civil actions they can take against the individual running this account. This also includes those who retweeted the tweet. By targeting mosques, EDL sympathisers like this are, in our opinion, targeting hate towards mosques and Muslim communities. We have also passed this tweet onto the Lancashire Constabulary. So much for the EDL being a ‘campaigning group.’ More like a bunch of misfits and sociopaths in our opinion.

 EDL allegations against mosques