We have just been informed of another anti-Muslim incident from a young Muslim man called Ahmed.
The public tweet that he sent to us stating the anti-Muslim incident (not racial), (given that ham was specifically placed into his letterbox), shows the level of prejudice that still exists when it comes to others who are seen as different.
Ahmed Anti-Muslim Incident Ham Yet, we have been repeating time and time again, over the last 3 months, that post ISIS, Rotherham, the recent murder of a woman in Edmonton and issues in the Middle East, the heightened risk to Muslim institutions, visible Muslim women and mosques. We had raised these issues here, here and here.

We urge mosques, Islamic institutions and faith institutions to continue to work together with third-party reporting agencies like ours, police contacts and local authority officers to ensure that no community is targeted for racist or prejudiced hate. It is essential that we all work together at this very sensitive time globally. We are not an island and what happens overseas does have an impact on communities here in the UK