Northamptonshire Police have revealed that some settled Afghan refugees have faced hate crimes in the region.

Community Engagement officers met with some refugees housed in Northampton under the Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy (ARAP) last week (July 25).

The information session allowed for an open dialogue about the force’s work locally – covering topics like road safety, crime prevention, and where they can report crimes.

Nick Stevens, the hate crime adviser for the force, said in a press release: “Most people are very welcoming to those who have resettled in our communities, however sadly, some of the people who have been housed in the county are the victims of hate crime. It is important they know we are here to help.”

We have continued to highlight case studies and annual reports of how the racialised targeting of refugees online and offline impacts Muslim communities at home and in public spaces, including on public transport.

Northamptonshire Police is one of many police forces that Tell MAMA has partnerships with across the UK as one of only two independent third-party hate crime reporting services with data sharing agreements to help map and monitor anti-Muslim and Islamophobic hate crimes. As a result, we can liaise and advocate for those impacted by hate crimes with the police on their behalf (with their informed consent).

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