It has been brought to our attention, that the Deputy Editor of the 5Pillarz web-site, Dilly Hussain (@DillyHussain88), tweeted out a graphic that showed a snake with the Star of David on it, and with what seems to be a Palestinian individual providing some nutrition in the form of a drink. The text in the tweet states that the Caliphate, (the Turkish Ottoman Caliphate), protected Jews at a time of persecution. The second cartoon then shows, ‘the snake,’ (still with the Star of David), devouring the Palestinian young man who had fed it.

The tweet clearly was antisemitic in nature and plays upon antisemitic tropes of Jews being devious, untrustworthy, malevolent etc. This is particularly galling given that we come across the same tropes that are thrown against Muslims. We also note that the political and social commentator Mehdi Hassan also made clear his disgust at the promotion of the tweet which we applaud.

An analysis of anti-Muslim rhetoric shows that references to vermin are regular occurrences in anti-Muslim hate statements made to victims. The promotion of Muslims being stealthy Jihadists and wanting to take over the UK are also usual tropes thrown up by Muslim haters. So, we ask, why does the Deputy Editor of a web-site which is targeted towards Muslim communities recycle exactly the same tropes against Jews and Jewish communities?

Lastly, recently Dilly Hussain also abused Ahmadi Muslims, regarding them less than animals in their closeness to God. Muslim communities deserve better than this and at the very least, a public apology on both counts is needed.