Anti Mosque Literature, RedbridgeThis was a photograph which was sent to us from a member of the public. The shocking hate statement was placed outside a vacant building in Snakes Lane East, Woodford Green, Redbridge. It was placed outside a building where planning permission has been sought for a community centre with Muslim prayer facilities. The statement was plastered on one of the  windows in the morning.

The statement says:

“Enough is enough. A mosque is not wanted in Woodford. The rivers of blood are close to overflowing.”

The threatening and menacing tone of the statement has shocked local residents who spoke on the basis of anonymity. One stated:

“This is not the kind of hate and bigotry that we expect in an area where there are many communities that get on together. To have someone with such hate posting material in the dead of night frightens us and is not reflective of the area.”