Our work on monitoring, measuring and counter anti-Muslim prejudice and intolerance means that we regularly come into contact with mosques and Islamic institutions across England and Wales. Time and time again, mosques inform us of their needs around basic security, given that many feel a sense of vulnerability post Woolwich and we within TELL MAMA, were also at the front-line of monitoring incidents and attacks against mosques at that time.

Whilst we acknowledge the superb work that police forces have done in bringing to justice a number of people involved in such anti-Muslim attacks against mosques, there is a need for basic security advice and services to be provided to mosques across England and Wales. With this in mind, we are looking to engage with providers of security advice and specific security packages that include:

– The provision of advice and the implementation of basic security measures and processes that include threat reduction from objects thrown into mosques and risk to life from flying glass,
– The provision of advice and the implementation of basic security measures that reduce threats to mosques and worshippers from incendiary materials placed outside mosque walls or thrown into mosques,
– The installation of evidence gathering assets that include both video and on-line threat recording,
– The provision of advice and training to mosque workers on how to reduce threats from perpetrators entering the mosque and causing damage within mosques.
– The provision of personal safety devices to mosque workers that meet legal requirements within England and Wales.

Please do get in touch with us if you would like to be part of the portfolio of security providers that we are putting together and you can e-mail us on info@tellmamauk.org and address the e-mail to the Security Manager of TELL MAMA c/o David Eaton.