Sadly, given the nature of the work that we do, and given that some in the Twittersphere spend most of their day trying to undermine our work, there are times when we need to make a statement.

Recently, a web-based ‘reporting organisation,’ whose founder has spent most of the last year targeting TELL MAMA (and continues to), attempted to link TELL MAMA to US-based organisations and failed. Clearly, detractors who dislike our work countering anti-Muslim hate, have sought to look for anything that can be used to smear the work.

Due to the numerous threats we receive, TELL MAMA has registered to a public mail service and the mail-service address is on our web-site for people looking to make donations or to find out more about us. The mail-service is public and it seems that a new organisation has also registered to the mail address. This is something that we have no control over, though obviously, in the eyes of detractors, it seems that there is a link. There is none, whether at an operational or strategic level and we have asked that changes be made so that there is no inference of a link in any way.

Furthermore, we would politely ask, again, that people in the Twittersphere take a step back when launching into comments on-line. This is particularly the case when misogyny, hate, intolerance and aggression make up the statements and we so not want to be associated with anyone who is involved in such activities. Targeting of women, communities and individuals because of their identity is something that must stop and we will make a point not to work with anyone involved in such activities.