Tell MAMA recorded a six-fold increase in anti-Muslim cases between October 7 and October 24 compared to the same period in 2022.

We logged 400 cases (191 offline and 209 online, respectively) compared to 67 cases (both online and offline) the previous year.

Our previous bulletins revealed how dehumanising, racist language targeted Muslims, Arab and Palestinian communities both online and offline – when in public areas, speaking Arabic in public or targeting their homes or property.

Menacing threats, harassment, violence, discrimination and daily abuse were also registered in the cases flagged with us.

From the cases sent to us between October 7 and October 24, we can disclose that from the 191 offline cases, we captured 121 cases of abusive behaviour, 21 threats, 19 assaults, 11 acts of vandalism, 9 cases of discrimination, 7 acts of hate speech and 3 cases of anti-Muslim literature.

A clear majority of cases occurred in London (123), with other cases spread across the North West (21), Lancashire (6), South Yorkshire (5), West Yorkshire (9), East Midlands (7) and West Midlands (11), South East (2), South West (2), North East (4), and Wales (1).

Again, the numbers remain, like all Tell MAMA cases, subject to further revision and analysis.

As highlighted in our previous bulletin, cases included a man harassing a visibly Muslim woman and kept shouting “Hamas terrorist” at her in the street, a Twitter/X post calling for the bombing of Muslims, and issues in schools concerning students and teachers – including a teacher who wears a headscarf and faced abuse from a group of students that linked her to terrorism.

Some shocking cases flagged with us made headlines in the media alongside spikes in cases including coverage in LBC, the Evening Standard and the Financial Times.

The BBC reported on the abhorrent daily death threats made to staff at the Palestinian restaurant Shakeshuka – Tell MAMA remains in contact with the owner and will continue to provide them with assistance. We will also be liaising further with the Met Police.

Further notes:

We have safety advice in both English and Arabic – and urge Muslim communities to remain vigilant when out and about.

Our counselling service is there for anyone in need. If you would like to access the service or find out more about it, e-mail us at

In any emergency, dial 999.