Tell MAMA welcomes the guilty verdict delivered today in Nottingham Crown Court after Paul Moore, 21, attempted to kill a Muslim mother in Leicester and run over a 12-year-old Somali girl shortly after.

The racist and anti-Muslim nature of the attack on Mrs Hussein has left her with life-changing injuries. It has had a deep impact on her family, with the family supported by our service, which has included a letter of support for the courts, and providing ongoing emotional support.

We advocated on behalf of the family to ensure to Leicestershire Police investigated the attack as an anti-Muslim hate crime. And advocated for the attack to be investigated as a terrorist incident in November 2017.

Iman Atta OBE, Director of Tell MAMA, said: “This conviction will help bring closure to a truly shocking act of anti-Muslim violence where a person desired to kill an innocent woman for nothing more than the colour of her skin and religious identity. The road to recovery will remain but we will continue to offer our support to the family..

Moving forward, we also aim to work with Leicestershire Police to improve their understanding of anti-Muslim hatred and ensure that individuals and families get the support they need when they experience a hate crime.”

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