Some say that the greatest form of flattery is imitation. After months of radio silence from the Official EDL account and Tommy Robinson on the CID interviews which were conducted with him, he finally confirmed what we were saying all along. You see, TELL MAMA had presented Bedfordshire Police with on-line evidence outlining his anti-Muslim hate and on the back of that information, Tommy was interviewed though failed to respond to any of the questions. It seems that Tommy who usually has so much to say, had nothing to say to the 2 CiD officers. Come on Tommy, that is not like you!

Tommy Robinson interviewed

Anyway, thanks Tommy, for confirming that we were right and that you were interviewed. Nice one pal! So we were slightly aghast when Tommy Robinson paid us another compliment after making out that our work was having a minimal effect. Whilst we are not keen on Tommy’s compliments, what is heartening to see is that imitation is the best form of flattery. Seeing as we have been effective in countering the hate of the EDL and more importantly, in getting prosecutions of their sympathisers who think it is fine to promote anti-Muslim hate on-line, the Far Right EDL have tried to set up their own helpline. (We desperately are trying to hold back the tears of laughter – poor souls, they know how effective we are; it clearly seems to have affected their judgement). So, today,  Tommy tweets this out to his 11,000 plus followers, (01/05/13).

Tommy Robinson TELL PAPA

There is one slight thing though. The Far Right ‘helpline’ which is a Twitter account may not know the implications of what they have placed in this tweet below. Only time will tell and we will no doubt keep you informed.

Collecting information - Far Right - TELL PAPA

So, if you have suffered anti-Muslim prejudice or in fact, any form of prejudice, make sure you report it in preferably to the Police or to reputable third pary hate crime reporting organisations like TELL MAMA, CST (the Community Security Trust) or Stop Hate UK.

TELL MAMA can assist on anti-Muslim hate incidents and it is key to report in activities and ensure that the perpetrator be caught sooner rather than later. In the meantime, the best thing that the Far Right can do is to waste their time emulating us. They may want to flatter us, but we are ‘not for turning.’