Once upon a time, there was a 20 something, unemployed and self-declared, ‘enthusiastic IT nerd,’ who lived in Yorkshire. Educated at South Wirral High School, he worked as a Laboratory Assistant from April 2011 to March 2012 and went out with a very young local lass in Yorkshire. Yet, George it seems, developed a penchant hatred for Muslims somewhere along his life, which led to him directly impacting onto the lives of many in the Twitter and on-line world and which continues till today.

George initially came to the attention of TELL MAMA in late 2012 when he was reported in by a member of the public and after numerous reports from TELL MAMA to a police force within England, it transpired that members of the relevant police force did not think that his comments were prosecutable. In fact, one officer regarded them (and we quote directly), “as sick and offensive ‘jokes’ posted to a social media web-site.” Let us review what those sick and offensive ‘jokes’ were that this officer did not think were criminally liable. We have listed some examples we directly sent to the officer in question and which we will evidence with his superiors:

Tweet from Captain G. Scrotum @captainscr0tum – which was evidenced to be George Milnes

George Milnes TELL MAMA abuse 220113

Within this tweet alone, George uses the classic Islamophobic term of ‘muzrats.’ Used by the English Defence League and other Far Right groups, it is very reminiscent of the language used by the Nazis in the 1930’s when they referred to Jewish groups as vermin. Today, according to George, Muslims are the new vermin. Furthermore, according to George, (who adores the EDL), he tags the background of the tweet with a ‘joke,’ the same joke which the officer thinks is non prosecutable. It reads, “Why do Muslim women wear Burkas? Because they will be raped if they don’t.” This ‘joke’ suggests that Muslim men are rapists and no doubt George is ever the social scientist. Indeed, a quick look at the tag-line of George’s new Twitter account, @CommandoPirate, lists a George from Huddersfield who is an, “English Patriot. #England #EDL #IDF #ProIsrael #AntiIslam.” What we are pretty sure of is that many Israelis would feel sickened by the support from someone like Milnes.

Anyway, we thought we would delve further into the tweets sent to the police officer and which he regarded as ‘jokes.’ Here is another one of them from Milnes:

George Milnes Muslims

The tweet in question sent to the officer shows Milnes stating:

“When I say I hate Pakis, I don’t mean Sikhs, Hindus or any other culture. I mean Muslims, Pakistani Muslims. You left gob shites #EDL.” Milnes also confirms on Twitter that he called TELL MAMA and he subsequently went onto abuse case officers within the project. It would also be safe to say that Milnes’s own actions show an avid EDL keyboard warrior moving into the world of criminality by harassing organisations such as TELL MAMA.

However, the catalogue of hate continued on. Here are further tweets from Milnes:

George Milnes Admits Calling TELL MAMA

Here George Milnes admits calling TELL MAMA and this tweet can be used for evidential purposes since it is within the 6 month investigative period when the tweet was first written. When  we informed the relevant police officer that we wanted to bring in this evidence, we systematically failed to get a response back on the Twitter evidence despite numerous e-mails categorically asking for options to do so. Now, even though Milnes is not the sharpest ace in a pack of cards, we thought that he could remember how many times he called us. Turns out according to this tweet that it was plenty of times:

George Milnes rings TM Multiple Times 310313

In the meantime Milnes was becoming more bolder in his actions. Here are some more conversations and tweets:

George Milnes abuse TELL MAMA 210113

Here is George having a conversation with another EDL wannabee with a graphic in the background stating, “BBQ pork restaurant is safest. No Muslims inside.” The implication here is clear. That having no Muslims in a business or organisation is the safest thing and that pork material ensures that safety. According to his evolving mind, pork is kryptonite for Muslims. And then there is this tweet suggesting, once again, that Muslims are rapists.

GM Newly found rape gang 310313

The list goes on with the final straw being the following conversation between George’s new Twitter account, @CommandoPirate, and a Twitter account that we have reported in, namely, @Sahira_the_twat. Earlier today, the latter Twitter account sent us these Tweets:

31-03-2013 Sahira George Milnes1

31-03-2013 Sahira George Milnes 2

31-03-2013 Sahira George Milnes 3

And here is George having a chat with his new racist pal, once again being Islamophobic by suggesting here that TELL MAMA are the, ‘Muslim bin bag crew,’ (for ‘bin bag’ read Muslim women who wear the abaya, or the black covering for religious purposes).

31-03-2013 George Milnes

Now, over the last 5 to 6 months, we have regularly fed in material from George Milnes which has been sent to us, or where we have purposefully been included by George.  We have also received information on the ongoing alleged harassment of an elderly woman and a young Muslim female, a 15 year old who was allegedly subjected to sexual innuendo and further targeted hate and harassment. Hate crime practitioners are clear that if action is not taken early on with abusers, they will continue to target their actions against victims which get worse over time.