Well, we commented on the ‘defection’ of Tommy Robinson yesterday and our views can be found here. We have tried to keep an open mind even though Robinson attempted to undermine our work just 24 hours ago by tweeting out a libellous statement to his 80,000 plus followers. Just three days ago his organisation’s Facebook page was found to have hosted wide-ranging anti-Muslim literature and this can be viewed here.

On Newsnight last night Robinson suggested that ‘Islamic immigration‘ should stop and no more mosques should be built until the current ones were regulated. So, in other words, if he had his way, no more mosques would be built at all at this time until all 1,500 mosques were ‘regulated’. So forget mosque building for the next couple of decades then!

Irrespective of his statements, he seems to want a chance to turn the corner. So, here are the conditions that someone like Robinson has to meet given the chaos he has caused through his group in the last 4 years. We will take him seriously in his desire to change if he simply meets the following basic elements. Such basic criteria have been asked before of people in groups like Al-Muhajiroun and we ask these specific elements of Tommy Robinson. So Tommy here we go and hope you seriously give these some thought.

1) Your previous group has been instrumental in promoting prejudice against ALL Muslims. The impact of this can be seen in this infographic and read in this report. If you have genuinely turned the corner, we will set up two meetings with victims of anti-Muslim prejudice where the perpetrators were EDL sympathisers. We want you to sit and listen to them. Nothing more and nothing less. We would ask this of extremists from groups like Al-Muhajiroun who have attacked Shia Muslims for example and this form of Restorative Justice is something that we support.

2) You have not denounced links to Pamella Geller and Robert Spencer. You entered the United States on a passport with the name of Paul Harris and were detained for a period of time for this in order to speak at a conference organised by Stop the Islamization of America (SIOE) and led by Geller. Yesterday, Geller and Spencer backed your move and suggested that this was another step in combatting extremism. We are clear! Remember this? Geller and Spencer were denied entry to the UK since they were ‘not conducive to the public good.’ In other words, Tommy, not wanted here in the UK by the Home Secretary.

So we make clear – do you publicly break your links, communication, alliance and affiliations with Geller and Spencer? Simple question and please do answer with a yes or no?

If you meet these 2 requirements, many will assist you in your rehabilitation. If you fail to acknowledge these elements or undertake them, you will still be regarded by many, as an unreconstructed extremist. It is as simple as that! We await your response and you know how to contact us. Just in case, info@tellmamauk.org.