There are letters and there are letters written by ‘organisations’ that are no more than fronts which are administered, if we can call it that, by one person and their dog. Letters are written to the press that make out that there are large numbers of people objecting through the organisations listed in such letters.

The attached letter, (see link below), which was coordinated by the Muslim Council of Britain, involves 28 organisations that provide services and engage with tens of thousands of people across England and Wales and all responding to the nauseating article written by Richard Littlejohn in the Daily Mail. We hope that the Daily Mail realise that in this case, the signatory organisations have real traction and pull in communities. No doubt, the Muslim Council of Britain will disseminate any response to the signatories in due course and we hope that the Daily Mail seriously considers the points raised. The letter can be read through the link below.

Joint Letter to the Daily Mail Regarding Richard Littlejohn