A recent set of posts on the English Defence League’s official account are very telling as to the mindset of this group. Recently, we came across the following posts. A quick look at the posting below shows the moderator suggesting that racist comments will not be tolerated. Now let us focus on the term racist and the Oxford dictionary definition of racism is: “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.” Notice the term prejudice and discrimination and in this case directed towards a race, however, prejudice and discrimination targeted at a group of people because of their identity, (which is also made up of a set of beliefs), is unacceptable to many in our country.

EDL we are not racist

 Interestingly, the English Defence League’s Official Facebook page cites that they are not against ‘normal’ Muslims. The first question is what are ‘normal’ Muslims? If we take it by the benchmark of the English Defence League sympathisers, this would mean Muslims giving up on their beliefs, their faith and part of their identity. However, what is equally telling is the kind of sympathiser that the English Defence League draw in. A quick look at the sympathisers who have posted a response to the EDL statement below, show the abusive, prejudicial and hateful nature of sympathisers. In fact, one could argue that the style of the English Defence League’s campaigning is similar to the Nationalist Socialists of 1930’s Germany. Take for example, how the National Socialist’s used anti-Semitism as a way of drawing in people who were potentially receptive to extreme narratives and who wanted to blame the country’s ills on others. This it seems, is very similar to what the English Defence League base their campaigning on. Promote an ‘anti-extremism’ front, imply that Islam is at fault, allow anti-Muslim comments to be promoted through their platforms and draw in others who hold similar extreme views.

Not against Muslims EDL

 Or take for example, these English Defence League sympathisers, (see below). Certainly not people with an open mind-set and they continue to promote the same twisted rhetoric which the English Defence League have been promoting on regular occasions. Als, referring back to what the moderator said previously, they do have a problem in understanding what prejudice is and they certainly only pay lip-service to the statement that they are not against ‘normal’ Muslims. The moderator has simply forgotten his / her stated role in which they would not allow prejudicial material on their site. So much for due diligence!

EDL abusing Muslims

 Or take this for example (see below); these sympathisers suggest dipping the Holy Qu’ran in pigs blood. So much for the moderator taking action against these statements? We also come back to the statement of the English Defence League not being against ‘normal’ Muslims, yet this statement is starting to ring very very hollow indeed.

EDL suggesting dipping Quran in pigs blood

 Just to add insult to injury, what about these statements on the English Defence League Facebook site, (see below)? The comments are chilling and infer that either Muslims will leave Europe or they may be eradicated to leave no place for Islam in Europe. In other words, Islam should be eradicated and what if Muslims do not want to convert, leave or keep quiet about their faith? What then –  a genocide like Srebrenica? Clearly, the moderator has been missing in action again.

Islam has no place in Europe EDL

 Finally, take these sympathisers, one of whom suggests clearing schools of Muslims. She also cites discriminating against Muslims and what exactly would she do to Muslims? Clearly, exclude them from schools is one element, leaving us with the question. Where is the moderator who does not allow prejudicial statements on the Facebook page? Clearly nowhere to be seen and viewed or is it because these are the kind of statements that the English Defence League want? Allowing prejudiced statements to percolate through the web, draw in others with hate in their hearts and promote the demonisation of Islam and Muslims. So much for not being against ‘normal’ Muslims. If these screenshots show anything, they show that this position can be described in one simple term. Nonsense! Shame on the English Defence League, shame on the moderator and shame on those listed her who promote open hate against Muslims. It seems that the moral compass of some individuals is well and truly twisted and very telling that they are drawn to the English Defence League.

 Schools Islam EDL