Today, we had the following individual reported into us by someone who believe that ‘Tom Nelson’ was making threatening and harassing tweets to perceived Muslims on Twitter. We thought that we would have a look and woe and behold, we found another individual who thinks that making threats is ok. Tom regards himself as a “proud EDL member” and “part of the EDL Bolton division”. Thanks Tom – much appreciated and we now know where to send the complaint to – Greater Manchester Police. 

Here is a sneak preview of Tom’s tweets.

19-08-2013 Tom EDL Nelson 1(Above) Here is Tom taking a Geography lesson and suggesting that the persecution of Christians in Egypt will take place here in the UK against Muslims – 18/08/13

19-08-2013 Tom EDL Nelson 2(Above) Here is Tom, clearly not doing so well with vocabulary! A clear threat to kill Muslims – 18/08/13

19-08-2013 Tom EDL Nelson 3(Above) Here is Tom again, this time suggesting that Egyptians (and defacto – according to him, Muslims), deserve to die – 18/08/13

19-08-2013 Thomas Nelson 4And this is just for officers of Greater Manchester Police to make sure that they take in the right person when we lodge this with the Service. Lesson of the day: if you want to make physical threats to harm, you are breaking a range of laws in relation to the use of social media and the Racial and Religious Hatred Act, (2006).