Say No To ExtremismMarch 17 2014: A minority of activists entered the Jamia Madina Masjid mosque in Bolton and Jamiyat Tabligh-ul-Islam mosque in Oldham. Video shows a minority of activists outside the Golden Mosque in Rochdale.

Why? Britain First activists distribute their ‘Muslim grooming ’ leaflets.

May 10: Up to ten Britain First activists, some in uniform, protest at ten different places of worship in Bradford city centre.

Why? Activists hand out ‘Muslim grooming’ leaflets and army issued Bibles. In Bradford alone, 100 Bibles were distributed.

May 11: Britain First activists enter two mosques in Glasgow, Scotland. (Glasgow Central Mosque and Cumbernauld mosque).

Why? Activists hand out ‘Muslim grooming’ leaflets and army issued Bibles.

May 19: Four Britain First activists, all uniformed, enter East London Mosque and demand to speak to the Imam.

Why? Activists hand out ‘Muslim grooming’ leaflets and army issued Bibles before abruptly leaving.

June 16: Britain First allegedly enter several mosques and Islamic centres, including Luton Central mosque and Bury Park mosque. Yet, the video released by Britain First only shows activists entering a single mosque.

Why? To protest the bail conditions placed upon the ex-leader and founder of the English Defence League (EDL) Tommy Robinson. Worshippers at one mosque are shown in the video being handed ‘Muslim grooming’ leaflets and army issued Bibles.

July 3: Several Britain First activists, all uniformed, argue with worshippers outside the Nasir Mosque in Gilligham. They later visit the Jamia Mosque in Gillingham.

Why? To protest the application for a new mosque in Gillingham, inside Jaima mosque, elderly worshippers were told, “Withdraw your application for a new mosque, ok?

“Otherwise we, Britain First, will run a big campaign against you guys personally and also the council and the Imam, yeah?

July 14: Three uniformed Britain First activists are filmed entering Crayford mosque and confronting one elderly Muslim male. According to one worshipper, six activists stayed for around ten minutes to harass individuals.

Why? To protest against gender segregation. One worshipper is told, “Inform the Imams that they have exactly 7 days to remove sexist, segregationist signs from outside their building, or we will”.