Just as soon as Tommy Robinson, (aka Stephen Yaxley Lennon aka Paul Harris), is out of prison, the rest of humanity is not spared his hate tweets. In 2012, TELL MAMA reported in 41 separate Twitter pieces of evidence regarding Tommy Robinson and he was subsequently interviewed in prison in relation to them. The normally brash Robinson suddenly seemed to lose his voice during the interview with Bedfordshire Police and did not respond to the questions put to him.

You would think that Tommy Robinson would be a bit more careful regarding his hate tweets after this experience. Well, you would think so, but with an ego the size of the grand canyon, the slight matter of the law seems to slip by the mind of this self-proclaimed leader of the motley English Defence League. Take for example, this tweet he put out a few days ago on the 2nd of April:

Tommy Robinson tweet

So let’s take this statement. There is a vast amount of academic information which shows how the Nazis used terms to associate Jews with vermin, with disease and infestation. Well, hey ho, the EDL leader who states that he is not racist seems to regurgitate the very same sick narratives, though mention this to him and you are likely to receive a Twitter rant blaming Muslims for all of the ills with this country. The EDL continue to try and maintain the old facade that they are not racist. “Islam is not a race they say.” Well, such prejudiced hate filled geniuses seem to give life to the narratives of hate that were used to marginalise and isolate out Jews in the 1930’s and we all know where that ended up. We also know that they are no friends of Jewish communities and scratch the surface of Far Right groups and out pops the age old anti-Semitism that is entwined in their DNA.

Whilst we clearly do not believe that a Holocaust will take place again, nonetheless, the poison of the EDL and other extreme Far Right groups must be checked. They not only feed off the extremism of their counterparts such as groups like Al Muhajiroun, they also help to radicalise others and provide cover for more extreme Far Right groups to operate within. Last week for example, we spoke to an ex-Far Right campaigner who walked away from an extreme Far Right group and who has started to piece his life together. Courageously, he talked to us about how the EDL were used as cover for more extreme groups to operate under and this cover was perfect for undertaking recruitment and criminality. His life was shattered by the extremist poison that was injected into him and his last words on the phone to us were, “I have done so many bad things, all I want to do is some good.”

Lastly, in our previous posting we raised the case of George Milnes, the Huddersfield based EDL sympathiser who has gone onto harass both us in TELL MAMA and a number of individuals across the country. Well, it seems George Milnes likes popping up wherever there are hate promoters. Take for example, the above tweet from Tommy Robinson. A glance at the retweeters shows George Milnes, (second from the left) and his ‘commando’ picture which he feels reflects his Twitter account @CommandoPirate. Looks like Milnes has become another groupie to the leader of the EDL. George – you might want to stop leaving so many electronic traces of yourself on-line. Either way, Bedfordshire Police will be receiving a copy of the tweet from Tommy.