Date: 08/10/2013
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TELL MAMA welcomes the ‘defection’ of the English Defence League leader, though notes with some trepidation and caution, the activities of Stephen Lennon and Kevin Carroll over the last 4 years. Just a few days ago we documented how the English Defence League web-site allowed the targeting of all Muslims in general whilst talking about being anti-racist. Let us also not forget the actions of Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) when he marched to Woolwich after the brutal murder of drummer Lee Rigby and over the last 24 months, we have systematically documented how EDL sympathisers have been involved in off-line and on-line hate incidents against Muslims. For example, our data and our responses can be found here.

TELL MAMA  were also key in recording the range of anti-Muslim incidents post Woolwich, both off-line and on-line which no doubt, was instigated by the actions of the EDL. The impact of the Far Right can also be found through the Teesside report which was based on TELL MAMA data.

Commenting on the ‘defection,’ the Director of TELL MAMA, Fiyaz Mughal, stated:

“The real question is whether Tommy Robinson has changed from just a few days ago when he was at the heart of the EDL machinery and where his messages undermined the work of anti-racist campaigners and those like us who counter hate and prejudice in communities.  Whilst we cautiously welcome his change ‘defection’, the real truth will come out in the next few months and years. Yet, we must remain vigilant against the remaining sections of the English Defence League who may turn more violent after this event.

Also, we would ask Tommy Robinson to apologise to our nation for the millions of pounds spent on policing costs and for the tensions in communities he has caused. Someone should be held accountable for the enormous wastage of police, local authority and other resources whilst his street instigators ram amock in places like Stoke, Birmingham and other cities. We will not doubt be keeping a close eye on his activities and the activities of others in the English Defence League.”