We have been working with a trans-Muslim convert to Islam who has also been homeless and who regularly suffers anti-Muslim hate at a street level. Wearing the Niqab, she has consistently documented the threats, abuse and hatred that she has suffered. The hatred has had its toll on her health and one of the most harmless and caring of individuals has been threatened and attacked in numerous incidents.

Most of the abuse against the Muslim trans-female is undertaken by white males, between the ages of 16-40. Once again, anti-Muslim bigotry at a street level, is male on female anti-Muslim and gender hate and it needs to be seen within this light.

Today, this video came to light with an open assault on her at a street level. The Muslim female recorded the material and it is truly shocking to see an assault on a female whilst passers by just look on and with no-one coming to her assistance. This is unacceptable and we will be pursuing a possible prosecution with the police on this.