Last Saturday the Independent highlighted, on its front page, the lack of action by Twitter and Facebook to deal with anti-Muslim prejudiced statements on their platforms. Today, the same paper noted that the Attorney General will be calling in Twitter and Facebook in order to ensure that they take down inflammatory and illegal material.

We provided the relevant journalist with detailed material showing how Twitter was failing to take down accounts and in its duty not to break the law. Today, we wanted to highlight one example. The @davymaccas account has been reported to Twitter on over 40 occasions in 2 years. After numerous suspensions by Twitter this is what this account tweeted out today:

Twitter unsuspension @davymaccas

We thought we would give you a flavour of this account holder’s comments that Twitter seems to allow and which emboldens anti-Muslim bigots. These are just a handful of the thousands of anti-Muslim tweets from this account.

Blood on the streets @davymaccas

Davy Maccas 1
Davy Maccas 2 amen

Davy Maccas 3 amen

Davy Maccas 4 amen

Davy Maccas 5 amen
Davy Maccas 6 amen

Moderate Muslims

Muslims are wonderful 08012015

Muslims fuck' em

Muzzie with a Gun 08012015

Is there anything more to say than #EpicFailTwitter