One example of an account which has been reported to Twitter on a number of occasions by us has been a neo-Nazi account run by one Sean Moran also to be found @BadBoyBNP.

Here are some examples of the hate promoted from this account:
“Vote Labour get our kids raped by Muslims,
Vote Conservative get our kids raped by Jews,
Vote Lib Dem get a free Unicorn,
Vote UKIP get #UKIP,” says this extremist neo-Nazi

Sean Moran BNP
Or take this tweet which states:

“#Muslims are allowed to gang rape our children but if we tweet about it we get jailed. #multiculturalism #BNP #UKIP #EDL #rotherham #CSA #BF,” as he tags a number of extreme far right groups. What is also interesting to note, is his support for UKIP, which we do not class as an extreme far right group, those which is attracting such supporters.

Sean Moran anti-Muslim

Or take this which highlights the neo-Nazi nature of this account:


Not only does this account promote anti-Muslim bigotry, it also promotes antisemitism, yet for Twitter this seems to be something that they either are unwilling to act on, or just not bothered to do anything about. Furthermore, on such accounts, we have received notifications from Twitter that the accounts do not infringe their terms and conditions which is frankly farcical.

John Mann MP has consistently stated that social media providers need to do more to tackle the hate and bigotry emanating from their platforms. Furthermore, these platforms which make billions of pounds of revenue and which are also significantly adding to the promotion of prejudice, need to step up to the mark. For example, nearly 80% of our resources go on tackling on-line hate through Twitter and Facebook and these platforms are impacting significantly on the police, third sector organisations and on the resources of Central Government. Enough really is enough and there may soon come a time when one of these social media providers faces a legal challenge based on their lack of action on accounts that leads someone to harm someone of a particular faith or race.