This is the Waltham Forest Police press release which was circulated on the recent racist attacks that took place in the Borough. They outline the 2 incidents that took place some 5 days apart and the facts also warrant a reflection by those who circulated social media texts suggesting that mobs of individuals from a particular nationality were intent on attacking Muslim women.

We also want to thank Stella Creasy MP for her work in contacting the police and in trying to ensure that women were not unduly scared by the social media messages which were circulating.

We hope that the perpetrators are caught and that the victims of these hate crimes receive the justice that is needed. They deserve our support and the best way to handle such issues is to let the police bring the perpetrators to justice rather than the community ‘patrols’ type remedy which was being circulated by social media yesterday evening. Such ‘patrol’s’ would simply ratchet up community tensions.

We wish the victims a speedy recovery and that justice in these cases is done.

Police in Waltham Forest are investigating two racially aggravated incidents in the proximaty of Boundary Road, E17. Both incidents took place 5 days apart and are not related. Incidents of this nature are taken with the utmost seriousness. On-going work is taking place to dispel a large number of false rumours currently circulating on social media regarding these events.

Police will continue to work with partners, faith groups and senior stakeholders in order to provide reassurance to residents within the Boundary Road area. There will continue to be a policing presence in Boundary road over the next few days and engagement by the local neighbourhood team.