Her Majesty's ArmyOn the 3rd of February 2013 we were notified by a member of the public, through the TELL MAMA project, in relation to postings by an individual who seemed to be a serving soldier within the army, supposedly based at Basingstoke. The comments on Facebook by this individual included thoughts to plant a bomb within a mosque and where he also suggested that he was particularly good in making bombs. These postings were public in nature and were of a chilling nature.

TELL MAMA informed a serving chaplain within the Armed Forces about the comments that we had received from a member of the public and swift action was taken by the Military Police of the Armed Forces. We received notification today, (19/02/13) that the Military Police had investigated and that the individual is not currently serving in the military. They have advised us to inform the relevant civilian and police authorities, whcih we will be doing.

We would like to convey our thanks for the swift action taken by the Armed Forces and in particular, by the Military Police in this matter. It is clear that the Army and Her Majesty’s Forces take such matters very seriously indeed. We can all be proud of the action which they undertook.