Racist graffiti, which calls for the removal of ‘P*kis’, has been spotted on a rooftop in Manchester.

Tell MAMA was made aware of the graffiti on social media on February 18, but indications suggest that the graffiti is not recent.

The logo of the neo-fascist and neo-Nazi group, the National Front, appears on the chimney of the property.

Residents of Manchester famously turned out in large numbers to the Northern Carnival Against the Nazis in 1978, and, despite its dwindling numbers, has continued to maintain a visible presence in far-right protests in the area in recent years. The movement’s capacity for violence was felt, for example, in the Oldham area of Greater Manchester in 2001.

Tell MAMA has continued to document examples of how some have felt emboldened by the EU referendum result to carry out acts of Islamophobic or racist violence, acts of vandalism, or, in some cases, discriminatory practises. This graffiti may pre-date discussions of Brexit, but remains of deep concern.

The racialisation of Muslims is demonstrative of how traditional racial epithets, like ‘P*ki’, have become woven into the language of Islamophobic and anti-Muslim discourses.

In the interim of 2018, Tell MAMA verified 25 reports of vandalism and property damage, with 81 verified reports of vandalism in 2017 reporting cycle.

Tell MAMA will be raising the graffiti with Greater Manchester Police.

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