Racist nurse struck off for anti-Muslim Facebook posts

Do you think posting online hate has no offline consequences? Think again, a nurse at South Tyneside Hospital was struck off after her racist anti-Muslim Facebook rants were reported to hospital management.

Lisa Marie Kane self-identified as a staff nurse and used her Facebook page to post abuse aimed towards Muslim patients after a visit to Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary.

Examples of her racist and offensive Facebook posts included:

‘Never seen to many muslims. More in there than Kabul. STUNK’

‘I’m not employed to GET RID of ideology. I’ve got a mind of my own, unlik the brainwashed muslims. GET them out of my country.’

‘They chop our bruthas heads off, rape our sisters & see us as S***’

The comments were posted on June 19 2013 and later reported to hospital management. At a disciplinary meeting in October of that year, she was dismissed from South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust. Now, following a conduct hearing by the Nursing and Midwifery Council in London, Ms Kane was struck off from her profession.

Per the investigation, the panel was shown screenshots of Kane’s Facebook posts, alongside a transcript where Kane admitted posting the comments at an earlier internal investigation.

Other staff members warned Kane about the nature of her comments and management sent her emails about using Facebook appropriately. But it did not deter her from posting further vitriol.

The panel found her guilty on two counts: of posting inappropriate content on Facebook and that the comments were racist in nature.

Robert Barnwell, chairman of the NMC panel, concluded: “The panel determined that the act of posting racially offensive comments, borne out of deep seated attitudinal views, was abhorrent.

“The panel finds that Miss Kane’s actions fell seriously short of the conduct and standards expected of a nurse and amounted to serious misconduct.”

Ms Kane has a 28-day period to lodge any appeal (with an interim ban already in place).

Katie Hopkins Felt That She Wanted To Hurl Her Radio Through A Halal Only Subway

Katie HopkinsWe are back to Katie Hopkins since whilst her views are ill-informed, ill-judged and on some occasions, inflammatory, we think that she has finally topped the leader board in making up facts as you go along. Take for example, comments made in her column in the Sun newspaper, (Friday the 27th of February), where she froths and vocalises how she wanted to throw her radio through the window of a Halal only Subway. She stated:

“I am outraged that my country is changing and Great Britain is looking less great. I am also sick of holding my tongue. Enough.

The simple fact is that nearly half of Muslims in the UK think that the bearded loons who spout violence against the West are pretty much in line with mainstream Muslim opinion.

According to a BBC poll, almost half – 45% – believe that extremist clerics who preach violence against the West are “not out of touch.”

Do you hear that? 45% of Muslims in the UK think that the hooked preacher of hate was dead on the money. There are bearded fanatics ranting in the street encouraging ‘their brothers’ to machete the heads of white boys and not approvingly as they sauntee of to Sainsbury’s.

When I heard the BBC celebrating that the majority of British Muslims are opposed against those who want to fight against British interests, I wanted to yank my radio from the wall and hurl it through the window of the nearest Halal only subway.”

Katie Hopkins and her views do not just belong in the last century, some of her comments are racialised and insidiously present a ‘white’ and ‘black’ perspective. She comments on cutting the heads of white young men, yet fails to add that Jihadis have killed both Muslims and non-Muslims and people of many races. Yet, it is interesting to note that she does not contextualise her comments.

In the article, Katie mentions that she has been warned by legal advisors regarding commenting on issues such as this. She clearly continues to disregard that advice. Only time will tell whether Katie crosses a line through her language.

Royal Navy Officers Involved in Racist Anti-Muslim Hate

Royal NavyWe have received details of a rather shocking case with alleged threats being made to a restaurant owner in the East of England.

A restaurant owner who has been running a thriving business was subject to an assault and to threats after asking two serving Royal Navy officers to bring in their pint glasses into the restaurant, after they had taken them outside for a smoke.

As the restauranteur approached them, he asked them to take the glasses back into the restaurant and was met by the following comments from the father and son, who have served in the Middle and Far East:

“You f***ing P**i”, “get back to your f***ing country you Muslim bas****,”

When asked to take the glasses back in again, the restauranteur was assaulted as one of the perpetrators picked up the pint glass and smashed it on his head. This caused him instinctively to kick out and his reaction was met with another pint glass being thrown at him as he walked away and back towards the restaurant.

The restauranteur hurried back inside and subsequently picked up a baton from behind the bar, though his customers and his wife held him back at the door only to be met with a threat to his life as one of the serving officers said,

“I will come back and shoot you all.”

It has transpired that the officers have served in Afghanistan and in Bahrain and we will be taking this material to the relevant section in the Armed Forces and the Royal Navy.

It is our belief that whilst serving officers can and should enjoy a life outside of uniform, they should maintain a higher standard of behaviour given that they are serving officers and are representatives of Her Majesty’s Government. The language which we have listed is unbecoming of serving officers and is deeply prejudicial. We will keep you updated on this case.

Parents Refuse to Send Their Children to A Mosque Visit in Rotherham

A school mosque trip in Rotherham has been postponed because some parents felt that they did not want their children to wear ‘headscarves, cover their arms and wear clean shoes.’

Bizarrely some parents also stated that they feared for the safety of their young children and one parent cited the fact that there ‘is no male supervision,’ citing the fact that because males and females sit separately in mosques, she did not want her son exposed to this. The same parent stated that her son may be vulnerable by entering a mosque and that the recent grooming scandals meant he was at risk by entering a mosque.

The article in the Rotherham Advertiser highlights parental comments which focus on gender segregation, grooming and change of clothing. The comments are naturally followed by denial of racism and bigotry with another parent stating:

“I would like to reiterate that we are not a racist school and neither myself nor my children are racist.”

Rotherham Mosque Visit

Anti-Shia Poster Stuck onto Premises for Shia Ahlubayt Centre

This is the poster that was sent to us which seems innocuous except for the fact that the Shia element is underlined in the poster in a derogatory manner. So is the following statement:

“You have worked hard to buy your house and it is only fair that you know what is happening in your locality. The local authority will not advise you, will they!”

The bold text and the underlining of the term Shia has been deemed to be derogatory by the local Shia community and the leaflet has been crime referenced by the local force.

Such anti-Shia bigotry, whilst subtle, is unacceptable and we passed on the material to the relevant force. We also have to call the incident what it is, anti-Muslim bigotry albeit targeted at the local Shia community in the South West of the country.


Update from Chair, Shahid Malik on Current Review

“Since becoming co-chair of TELL MAMA recently, I have been leading a strategic review of the organisation alongside our director Fiyaz Mughal. We are fully committed to ensuring we continue to grow to meet the needs of individuals, groups, service providers and policy makers who rely on our high quality independent data and analysis, and in many cases personal support as victims of anti-Muslim hatred.

Part of my review will necessarily look at external engagement and communications to ensure that our important contributions are consistent with our values and leave no room for any confusion.

Due to the nature of the work we do, we are especially keen on building stronger relationships with the media as well as ensuring our various stakeholders have a real say in how we develop over the coming years.

I am aware of a recent press article that has led to various comments in the social media and elsewhere, some of which were not just beyond the pale but frankly vile. I regret that certain individuals, including Baroness Warsi, were subjected to this type of abuse, which has no place in our society.

In part, due to this occurrence, I will be putting into place a framework and protocols for engagement with the press that mitigates against a repeat of such occurrences and ensures clarity in our messaging. While we cannot control the comments section of online publications or the social media, I believe we all have a responsibility to limit the opportunities for individuals to engage in this behavior by better communications and messaging.

I want to re-affirm our commitment to our values which are to support victims and groups, to assist policymakers in developing policy that is fit for purpose, and to focus attention on the fight against the evil of Islamophobia, while also committing ourselves to speaking out against all forms of hatred irrespective of faith or any other consideration.”

Beer and Bacon Council Of Great Britain Promotes Anti-Muslim Stickers

We have received notification of the ‘Beer and Bacon Council’ promoting anti-Halal stickers through a ‘pack’ that is sent to households. The stickers which have been provided in the pack state the following:

“Beware: Halal is barbaric and funds terrorism. #Banhalal”

The letter states that there ‘has been quite a demand’ for the material and goes onto attack Halal food. This material has been passed onto the relevant force and anyone coming across such stickers should notify us, where possible.

Beer and Bacon Council

Britain First Asks Sympathisers to Complain to OFCOM About ‘100 Days of UKIP’

The notorious extremist Britain First web-site has placed a petition asking for ‘patriots’ to complain to Channel 4 and to OFCOM on the documentary outlining what the first 100 days of a UKIP administration may look like.

Coming to the defence of UKIP, Britain First urges individuals to add their name and details to ‘complaints’ about the portrayal of what the first 100 days under a UKIP administration may look like. Britain First states:

“1840 patriots have complained to Channel 4 and OFCOM about the biased and ridiculous show called “100 days of UKIP”, a typical example of leftwing scaremongering. Please fill in below and hit “Complain” to join them.”

Guess the last thing that UKIP needs is Britain First’s sympathisers supporting them, though what is interesting to note is that Britain First believes that UKIP is worth defending and supporting by its actions. We live in interesting times!

Britain First UKIP support

Vandalism of Jewish Graves Is An Assault on Us All

Jewish gravesThe vandalism of over 300 Jewish graves in Eastern France, is another shocking reminder that there are those out there who have no conscience, no care and no respect. The vandalism of Jewish and Muslim graves is sadly a reality in Europe, though we need to place this in context and the incidents which are sporadic, touch the core of what matters to us all of us.

The vandals have no compassion or empathy in sparing a thought for the Jewish mother, the father or the soldier who died and who once lived on this earth. They have no empathy as to whether the individuals taught, whether they stood up against fascism, whether they campaigned for equality or whether they brought up families. All they know is that their anger and hate has been dissipated by targeting the symbols of the dead.

Such antisemitism should be seen as an insult against our mothers, our fathers and our soldiers. It should be seen as a smear against our teachers and our family members since the history of Europe is one of communities who have lived, shared lives and grown up together. It is a history where a Jewish mother should bring out feelings within us that allow us to connect with her through references and actions that remind us of our mothers.

Today, they break the headstones of the dead. Tomorrow, let us hope that they ask for forgiveness for their actions.