7 Simple Facts That Do Not Point to a ‘Reformed’ Tommy Robinson, by Steve Rose

1Tommy Robinson Lashing Out)     http://t.co/lFWDtvsNLC Oslo, Norway: 100% of rapes committed by ‘non european immigrants’ (muslims) Cultural enrichment,drowning in diversity

Robinson links to a debunked anti-Muslim story from 2011. A translated police report found, “Crude generalizations that have given the impression that rapists are only foreigners – and primarily Muslims – are shown to be inadequate and erroneous.”  

“The ethnic profile varies within the different types of rape, but for all types except assault rape the largest group is composed of Norwegian perpetrators.”

Tommy Robinson 2)     http://t.co/nl04Idl2lm Fear of offending islam and muslims i.e #islamophobia in police is the reason why they act in such a manner. #Traitors

In spite of Robinson’s claims, his arrest had more to do with an alleged police obstruction than fear of offending Islam. The official EDL Twitter feed acknowledged the nature of the 2013 arrest: “Tommy Robinson & Kev Caroll arrested for Obstructing the police and carted off.

According to Sky Correspondent Tom Parmenter, police warned Robinson (and Kevin Carroll) about the prospect of arrest if their charity walk continued towards Woolwich.

Pig3)      http://t.co/lgouaagFor Couple singing Peppa Pig tune to toddler ‘forced off bus after complaints they were being racist’ #pork #islam

A viral hit (that received over 50k online shares) made serious allegations against a Rotherham bus driver and Muslim passenger. The Mail headline read, “Couple singing Peppa Pig tune to toddler ‘forced off bus after complaints they were being racist’ because it goes against Muslim pork ban”.

But the driver contradicts the couple. A First spokesperson told the Daily Mail: “The driver told us he heard no reference to racism but we are investigating the incident and have not yet drawn a conclusion.”

Tommy Robinson4)     http://t.co/tXhhQycQhy BREAKING: Muslims Shout “Praise Allah!” Surround OK Police Following Press Conference on Beheading. Reciting Koran.

Robinson links to a false story. The source (@Landonlawson78) followed the Islamophobic ‘Bare Naked Islam’ and ‘KILL MUSLIM RODENTS’. A cached version of the account reveals the use of a stock profile image.  The account is no longer accessible via Twitter.

5)     Ed Miliband : We need more Muslims in the UK http://t.co/aoFmxiQPvJ who is voting labour

The story originates from a 2013 news report titled ‘Ed Miliband says he will increase Muslim representation in the parliament,’ it took place during Labour’s Eid celebration. Yet, the link Robinson shared is full of vulgar comments:

“Oi, Ed Miliband! Fuck off back to the desert and take all your monkey friends with you, you cunt.”

“Kill him!!! He is a traitor of our civilization.”

Tommy Robinson is not responsible for what others post, but it reveals an unsavoury readership.

Tommy Robinson 6)     http://t.co/B30FHu7QsF Eight men have been arrested on suspicion of rape and sexual activity with a child in Tower Hamlets. #muslim

The story highlights the ethnicity (Albanian) of the alleged perpetrators but not religion.

7)      http://t.co/OCNaaeIOxq ‘Political correctness’ allows Muslims easier time in struggling jail Tip of the iceberg

The issue is not of ‘political correctness’ but staff shortages.

Daily Express Condenses Damning 103 Page Report Into An Issue of Muslim Favouritism, by Steve Rose

A recent Daily Express article condensed a damning 103-page report into an issue of Muslim favouritism.

The report detailed an unannounced inspection of HMP Swaleside that found staff shortages created a multitude of problems.

But the Express article focused upon the tension between Muslim and non-Muslim inmates during Friday prayers, as the latter complained of longer lock-up times.

Gerard Batten, Ukip MEP, who infamously commissioned the “proposed charter of Muslim understanding,” told the Express:  “All our prisoners should be treated equally. No one should be disadvantaged by their religion or lack of it.”

“Prison authorities are kow-towing to certain faith groups because of their fear of being accused of discrimination. It is all part of the politically correct culture we live in.”

Rather than ‘kow-towing’ to Muslims, the issue reflects staff shortages, as over 200 of the 311 Muslim inmates attend Friday prayers, so it will stretch resources.

As a result, non-Muslim prisoners complained that their cells were unlocked later on a Friday afternoon. It added to a greater discount over the amount of hours inmates spent locked in cells.

The report added that good relations between inmates and staff helped diffuse some of the “worst effects”.

HMP Swaleside is a category B training prison so the importance of non-cell time is vital. Inspectors noted that unemployed inmates (30 per cent) spent just two hours a day outside their cell. Around a third of inmates were inside their cells during the working day. Swaleside was failing its remit as a training prison.

On a more alarming note, inmates were afraid to leave their cells due to the threat of violence. Six months prior to the inspection, the prison recorded 30 assaults against inmates and 11 against staff. Since 2011, the prison recorded two cases of suicide. Inspectors noted that measures to prevent suicide and self-harm were “inadequate”.

A simple reading of the report highlights multiple failings outside of religious tensions. Yet, the Express article pays little attention to other failings.

Whilst they correctly state that Islam make up the largest single religious denomination (28.2 per cent), the article ignores that Church of England (19.6 per cent) and Roman Catholic (16.5 per cent) inmates outweigh the number of Muslims.

The article then states, “The prison has a mosque and a multi-faith room which are used for prayer sessions.” Yet, it oddly omits the large chapel, and potentially misrepresents the available faith facilities.

Inspectors also recommended that, “Adequate washing facilities should be available to all Muslim prisoners attending prayers,” as the multi-faith room presently has none.

Michael Spurr, chief executive of the National Offender Management Service, noted the criticisms and made safety and recruitment a priority, he said:

“We are actively recruiting permanent staff in prisons across the South East and Swaleside will continue to receive support until permanent staff are in place.”

The Howard League for Penal Reform issued a scathing press release in response to the inspection.

Both the BBC and Kent Online avoided the Muslim-only angle by focusing upon the multiple inadequacies that plague HMP Swaleside.

Ex-EDL Leader Tommy Robinson, a Changed Man or Back to Past Behaviours, by Steve Rose

Fresh from prison, the founder and ex-leader of the English Defence League (EDL), Tommy Robinson, is using Twitter to highlight various ‘Muslim grooming gangs.’

The tweets began on August 27, as Robinson lamented the political correctness. A day later and Robinson made his first reference to ‘Muslim grooming gangs’ amid serious allegations against South Yorkshire Police.

Robinson then shared three images related to ‘grooming gang convictions’. The data is from “Easy Meat – Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery” published by the Law and Freedom Foundation – an organisation who also helps “local neighbourhoods to resist planning applications for mosques.”

But the nature of the source is not revealed to Robinson’s near 90k Twitter following. A closer inspection of the images reveals two non-Asian names: Graham Blackburn and Robert Jackson.

Both individuals were part of gangs that readily exploited young girls. Jackson was convicted in 2013 and Blackburn in 2010.

In between musing about what links Boko Haram, ISIS and Rotherham, Robinson asserts that ‘Rape Jihad’ is a more appropriate term. The inflammatory rhetoric continues with references to ‘Muslim predators.’

On August 29, Robinson tweeted, “I/we have been ridiculed and called bigots for 5 years for trying 2 raise and highlight the issue of Muslim grooming! #Rotherham #vindicated.” The ‘we’ is a clear reference to the EDL.

In spite of the public disassociation, Robinson continues to share content from his days with the group. He retweeted an individual who used the EDL’s NFSE (No Fucking Surrender Ever) slogan.

A tweet sent on the same day used the word ‘us’ in the context of a separate EDL discussion. The deliberate choice of language is noteworthy (or simply a reflection of Twitter’s character limits).

Nor has Robinson stopped exploiting tension between Sikhs and Muslims after sharing an infamous urban legend.

The appalling abuse of one victim is a prop for the offensive hashtag ‘#RAPEJIHAD’.  Robinson uses the hashtag again on September 17.

In a repeat of old tactics, Robinson tweeted, “Muslims attacked our troops, who did police arrest? U guessed it. How were they ever allowed to disrupt homecomings” But the footage is over four years old and features the now proscribed Muslims Against Crusades.

On September 14, Robinson referenced a sex offender’s community order without mentioning that it was issued in November 2013.

Of all the possible examples, why did Robinson pick this one? The clue is in the perpetrators name and assumed Islamic faith.

Tommy Robinson is also a fan of false comparisons. On September 17, he tweeted, “Mosques handle is more valued than girl sexually assaulted by Rotherham Muslim.”

The desecration of an Edinburgh mosque with bacon by the far-right was a cowardly act and the individuals went to prison for a variety of reasons.

Equally cowardly, was Raja Hussain’s unprovoked assault upon a female train passenger. But according the Metro, his prison sentence was suspended on grounds of previous good behaviour.

Other examples of Robinson’s post-prison tweets include speculation about Muslim demographics, spreading the false William Gladstone Islam meme, denying accusations of racism, highlighting a death threat, and linking to a video of ISIS executing David Haines.

Robinson shoehorns Islam into stories of abuse with little evidence outside of ethnicity. Perhaps most telling is Robinson’s failure to acknowledge female victims when they are of Pakistani-heritage.

A selective and simplistic approach to the horrors in Rotherham will not help victims get the justice they richly deserve.

Has Robinson’s rhetoric truly changed?

Tommy Robinson 220914Tommy Robinson 2 220914

Raising Activities Against Anti-Muslim Hate & Raising the Bar on Effectiveness

On Sunday, 21 September 2014, Tell MAMA launched a letter-writing campaign encouraging the British Public to speak up on Islamophobia by writing to their MPs. So far, over 40 people have used our form to write a letter to their MP. We have a pre-set letter for anyone to use, which establishes four issues for MP’s to take into account when making policy on hate crime and anti-Muslim hate:

  1. Address under-reporting of hate crime and institute nationwide recording of anti-Muslim hate crime under a separate flag.
  2. Challenge the proliferation of extremist far-right views
  3. Deal with online hate
  4. Counter hate and Islamophobia in the school system

Based on our research, we have determined these as the four key priorities for counter anti-Muslim hate at the policy level. Below, we explain why each of these priorities is important and what MP’s can do to work on them.

According to the Crime Survey of England and Wales, 2.4% of Muslims in the UK report experiencing some kind of hate crime, which is significantly higher than any other religious group. Based on the 2011 Census, there are 2,786,635 Muslims in the UK; 2.4% of them is about 66,879 people—a huge number of people that have incurred offline hate crimes. From July 2013 to July 2014, the Metropolitan Police Service in London recorded 474 hate crimes, well below what would be expected given the incidence rate reported in the Crime Survey. There are a variety of reasons for under-reporting, but the most important is that many police force areas do not record anti-Muslim incidents under a separate crime flag. While Muslims do have a relatively high level of trust in the police despite being targeted in the last decade by counter-terrorism laws, it is important that MP’s push police forces to record anti-Muslim hate separately and to support third-party reporting centres in getting the message out about reporting hate crime.

The far-right presents a creeping threat to British Muslims. While many on the far-right do stay within the limits of free speech, there is a significant use of anti-Muslim language in these circles. For example, Britain First, a new street-based far-right party referred to all Muslims as ‘paedos’ following the breaking of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham. These groups refer to all Muslims as extremists, using ideologues such as Anjem Choudhary as examples, to denigrate Islam and British Muslims. This leads to concrete actions, such as mosque invasions and street-level confrontations that damage social cohesion and create an environment in which anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant views are voiced and left unchallenged. While the government has taken useful steps to countering far-right hate (such as recognising it in the Prevent strategy), MPs must critically review the laws around hate speech. While a form of ‘cultural racism’ characterises anti-Muslim hate on the far-right, many of the far-right’s comments, which if directed at the black community, Jewish community, or other racial groups would be considered incitement to racial hatred, the different standards for incitement to religious hatred used by the CPS allow the far-right to persist in spewing its vitriol.

In fact, the far-right relies on online platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, to organise, recruit, and spread their message. A recent Faith Matters report explores how Britain First followers use Facebook to voice anti-Muslim views. The use of online platforms by the far-right and other anti-Muslim groups puts a strain on organisations and police forces. In fact, 599 of 734 reports of anti-Muslim hate received by Tell MAMA were online. Online social media platforms should be made accountable for investing in social cohesion as hate is often a by-product of their services. MP’s should begin a conversation with these companies and encourage them to invest in our communities and work to counter hate when it appears on the platform, in addition to making their terms of use simpler and easier for users to understand.

Finally, to truly and effectively counter prejudice, education on hate must be delivered at the primary and secondary school levels. The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe has provided clear guidelines for implementing education countering anti-Muslim hate in schools, giving clear ideas for curriculum as well as teacher training. MP’s must take the lead in pressuring Ofsted to implement these procedures to protect young people from hateful rhetoric against any faith, disability, or sexual orientation. Engaging students in lessons on hate will go a long way in countering anti-Muslim hate in the long-term.

MP’s can make a difference on Islamophobia by working to pressure police forces to record anti-Muslim hate separately and working with government and private sector partners to invest in countering hate at the community level. MP’s can review the law around incitement to religious hatred that allows anti-Muslim hate to proliferate on the far-right. Finally, and most importantly, MP’s can influence Ofsted and schools in their constituencies to implement training to counter anti-Muslim hate.

The English Defence League & Liberty GB, an Unholy Alliance, by Steve Rose

English Defence LeagueA recent English Defence League (EDL) rally saw a peculiar meeting of the far-right minds. Paul Weston, leader and founder of Liberty GB, was an invited speaker at their Downing Street march on September 20.

In recent months, both the EDL and Liberty GB went through an image crisis as they looked to redefine themselves from the ashes of disappointment. For the latter, the party had a disaster at the European elections, finishing bottom with just 2,494 votes (0.02 per cent).

After Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll quit the EDL for seemingly greener pastures, the group went through a number of leadership changes, internal problems and a hardening ideological shift that now incorporates anti-migrant rhetoric.

The demonstration again focused upon the horrific abuse in Rotherham. Groups like the EDL feel vindicated, as a conspiracy of silence became a rallying call for supporters who believe left-wing thought police covered  up ‘Muslim grooming gangs’.

But in typical fashion, they myopically framed the debate along racial and religious lines, and exploited a justified public outrage.

Paul Weston closed his speech with a somewhat ambitious hope for the EDL:

 “Now, I don’t know how many people from the EDL we’ve got down here today and how many people are here who are not with the EDL – but I want to see the EDL grow into the biggest street movement in Europe. And then, in six months’ time, I want to see you come back here with ten thousand people, I want to see us march from here down to the BBC headquarters where we can let those fellow traitors and quislings in the BBC know exactly what we think about them, in no pure, unadulterated terms at all.”

But that ambition is unlikely to materialise. The EDL lacks mass appeal, thanks to the mainstreaming of some anti-Muslim rhetoric and its links to racist violence and hooliganism.

After the tragic murder of Lee Rigby, the group failed to muster mass support, as their London protest, weeks after his death, only attracted around 1,000 supporters. Tommy Robinson (and Kevin Carroll) understood these limitations and quit several months later.

Hope not Hate estimated that 200-300 supporters made the recent Downing Street protest. According to Nick Lowles, the September 20 demonstration attracted more loyalist and Nazi elements.

A week earlier, around 1,000 EDL supporters descended upon Rotherham. South Yorkshire Police made 12 arrests and seven individuals were charged.  During the protests, a mosque had its glass front door smashed, as police arrested a 20-year-old man in connection to the vandalism. In total, the estimated cost of policing the main EDL demonstration (and counter protest) hit £1m.

In recent months, the EDL held demonstrations in Bournemouth, Hexthorpe, Batley, Middlesbrough, and Stevenage, but the turnout was often in the low hundreds.

The English Defence League and Liberty GB use Facebook to greater effect as their ‘likes’ give an inflated sense of importance. After the murder of Lee Rigby, support for the EDL dramatically increased on Facebook, it now stands at around 175,000 ‘likes’.

Both use their online presence to espouse anti-Muslim (and anti-migrant) rhetoric inside their respective echo chambers. But when it comes to a real-world presence, a lack of coherence is self-evident.

‘All Muslims Out of UK’. Resident Comes Home to Find Sign on Door

All Muslims Out of UK posterWhat would you do if you turned up to your future place of residence and found a sign saying that you were not wanted, was posted up on your door. What would you do if the sign was posted up simply because of a part of your identity, something that the perpetrator had not bothered to find out, or even discuss with you?

So imagine a young man turning up to find this on the front his door. This is the actual picture of the sign that was left on his door and which was sent to us. Dr Shaizir Aly, sadly, had to endure this bigoted hate placed outside his property in South East London.

In the 1960′s and 1970′s, many of those in the Windrush generation, as well as Ugandan Asians, would see signs outside the doors of premises saying, “No Irish, No Blacks and no dogs.” In 2014, we now see individuals place signs outside the houses of Muslims, whilst having a Goebbels type front and the audacity to promote such bigotry.

Thankfully the victim has reported this hate incident to the police. Yet, it shows anti-Muslim bigotry in its despicable, toxic and bile like state. We just hope that whoever posted this sign realises that this will not be left and shrugged off.

Sweden’s Swing to the Extreme Right is Disturbing & Weakens the Nation’s Image Globally

SwedenSweden’s general election in 2014, held on 14 September, saw the centre-left Social Democratic party gain the majority of the vote. They will form a weak minority government; the centre-left coalition thus far only has a potential 43% of the vote. However, a more disturbing trend emerged from this year’s election in Sweden: the far-right party, Sweden Democrats, gained 13% of the vote, more than doubling their share from the previous election. The party, which has its roots in neo-Nazi movements but is now reportedly ‘not racist’ is highly anti-Muslim. Jimmie Aakesson, leading the anti-immigration party, has made anti-Muslim and Islamophobic statements in the past and has praised Marine Le Pen’s National Front in France.

We might consider the Sweden Democrats to be part of a ‘new’ European far-right, one that has been careful to ‘sanitise’ its message, leaving behind Nazism, racism and anti-Semitism. In its place, a more complex xenophobia is visible, focusing on immigration and the threat of ‘Islamisation.’ For example, Aakesson says of Islamism that it is the ‘Nazism and communism of our time.’ In fact, much of the party’s rhetoric is deeply anti-Muslim, but disguises it through language about ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘immigration’. The notion that Muslims are welfare scroungers—something we frequently encounter in the British media as well—features in a political advert that the Sweden Democrats released where an old woman, presumably a pensioner, is forced out of a queue for welfare benefits by women in burqas.

Part of Sweden Democrats’ success is drawing young voters, for whom unemployment has oscillated between 20 and 25 percent. Much like Ukip, the party’s rhetoric and politics has moved away from racism, focusing on the failings of the political elite. Recently, the Sweden Democrats published a report on rape in Sweden, using a dodgy sample to argue that 48% of rapes are caused by foreign-born men who have retrograde views of women and are ‘culturally different’. The reliance of Sweden Democrats on issues of ‘cultural difference’ masks their anti-Muslim agenda with disturbing similarities to Marine Le Pen’s far-right wing movement in France.

While we should be encouraged by the fact that Sweden’s mainstream political parties have refused to work with the Sweden Democrats, it is crucial to continue to watch how the tensions about cultural difference sweeping Europe are playing out and generating support for the far-right. In the UK, 24 seats in the European Parliamentary elections went to Ukip, a party which also stresses similar anxieties about immigration. Most disturbing is that surveys found that Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s National Front, would gain 30% of the vote, well ahead of current President Francois Hollande. The far-right’s gains across Europe are not only a threat to tolerance and intercultural interaction, but also threaten mainstream political parties and must be taken seriously.

Security Minister, James Brokenshire MP: UK communities are stronger together

James Brokenshire MP, Barking MosqueJames Brokenshire meets religious leaders on visit to mosque in London.

On yesterday’s visit, (Monday 15 September), Immigration & Security Minister James Brokenshire stressed how UK communities are at their best when working together.

He condemned the recent brutal murder of humanitarian aid worker David Haines and other horrific acts of violence in Syria and Iraq during his meeting with community leaders at the Al Medina Mosque in Barking.

Immigration & Security Minister James Brokenshire said:

Faith institutions such as the Al Medina Mosque demonstrate how people are at their best when we work together. It is clear from the many activities and donations from across the UK that many of us feel the plight of the Syrian people.

We are also unified in our condemnation of the atrocious acts of brutality which we have seen unfolding in Iraq and Syria. We stand together in condemning terrorism and extremism but also in being clear that these have nothing to do with Islam or any other faith.

As the Prime Minister said, the root of these actions lies in a poisonous political ideology that a small minority support. In contrast, Islam is a religion which is observed peacefully and devoutly by more than a billion people.”

Without Fear

The minister also stated that this government is determined that everyone should be able to practise their faith freely and without fear. He said it was heartening to see how many people are making clear how alien these acts are to religion.

He emphasised the social media campaign #notinmyname, adding:

It is so important that these voices are heard and that they are joined in solidarity by many more.

Rotherham Mosque Damaged After Far Right Groups March Through

We raised the risk of further community tensions in Rotherham yesterday as far right groups agitated about the recent grooming abuse in the area. We also raised anti-Muslim abuse that was taking place in Rotherham and which we listed here.

Today, it seems that far right groups turned up and fought between themselves whilst marching through Rotherham. Yet, we have seen from other far right marches that such demos have targeted individuals thought to be Muslims and further agitation has included shouting out ‘Allah is a paedo.’ These terms were used before the Rotherham grooming crisis and were a means of eliciting a reaction from Muslim communities.

The example below of a broken mosque door shows the real impact of when such hooligans march through towns. This picture was sent in and shows a vandalised mosque window. The real impact of such groups is that they are a menace to all communities.

The best way to tackle grooming is for the signals to be picked up, individuals feeling more confident to report the abuse in and for agencies to work with young people and take their reports seriously. It does not need thugs menacing the streets of any city in our country. It is as simple as that.

Broken Window Rotherham MosquePicture of mosque circulated on Twitter by @zebmustefa and @eduhueh

Far Right Agitators & Extremist Groups Like Britain First Stoke Up Fires in Rotherham

This is the latest shocking and deeply inflammatory piece of material from the extremist group Britain First. The poster states, “Welcome to Rotherham, the Islamic Paedophile Capital of Britain.”

In the early hours of this morning we highlighted how racist and anti-Muslim incidents and attacks in Rotherham were a real concern and we highlighted these here. We have published a detail report on the language of hate and prejudice on the extremist Britain First Facebook page and where there have also been threats made and which have been targeted at Islamic institutions and mosques.

Yet, knowing that such material will inflame the passions of people and agitate an already sensitive situation in this small town, it seems that the extremist group Britain First simply do not care. Cynically, they add-on the bottom of the leaflet, “good standards of behaviour apply.” Well if that was the case, people would not join Britain First is the simple answer.

We call upon members of all communities to remain calm and to ensure that such groups do not get the tension and aggression that they feed off. Such groups do not put the ‘Great’ in Great Britain and are a public embarrassment as are those who have abused so many young people in various grooming scandals. The latter are people who should spend long periods of time losing their liberty and reflecting on the harm they have done, whilst the former simply have no care for the peace which we enjoy in our country.

We ask that the people of Rotherham be left alone so that they can pick up the pieces and build; that they come together against criminality, against bigotry and against intolerance and that never again, should those who abuse people get away with it. There is a responsibility to speak up and there is also a responsibility to speak against those whose main aim is to cause separation, segregation and violence. Not in our name to both groups.

Britain First Rotherham