Anti-Muslim Graffiti Affects Cathcart Cemetery in Glasgow

Even cemeteries are not out of bounds to haters and bigots. Over the last two years, Jewish and Muslim cemeteries have come under hate incidents leading to a sense of fear and anger within both communities.

This morning, this graffiti on a sign for the Muslim Section in the Cathcart cemetery in Glasgow, was reported in. Britain First, the National Front and the British National Party are all cited on the graffiti which has infuriated community members.

If anyone has any information regarding this incident, they should call Police Scotland on 101 or report the information through this on-line reporting form.

Vandalism in Glasgow Cemetery

Abuse Against Simon Danczuk MP Shows Bigotry, Whilst Katie Hopkins Wades in on Race

It all started when the member of Parliament for Rochdale, Simon Danczuk, tweeted out this innocuous tweet on the national day for Pakistan. He was seemingly celebrating the raising of the Pakistani flag in an area where many felt a link to Pakistan due to their common British and Pakistani heritage:

The resultant abuse that the Member of Parliament for Rochdale received was not only shocking, it brought out a desire by some, to see Mr Danczuk ‘executed’ for his actions in simply celebrating the national day of Pakistan with constituents:

Before anyone could take a breath, in waded Katy Hopkins whom we have written about before on many occasions. (See here, here and here):

The member of Parliament rightly pointed out that to equate every Pakistani with grooming is a racist slur and that labelling a whole group of people was fundamentally wrong. Yet, that did not stop this irritating and offensive tweet from Katy Hopkins:

This was followed up by more on-line abuse against Mr Danczuk:

Yet, seemingly, Katie Hopkins continued on the Twitter baiting, completely failing to realise that young girls from ethnic minority communities have also been victims of child grooming:

Time and time again Katy Hopkins has made statements based on race though her latest comments suggest a racialised view on issues of child safety and grooming, which clearly does not reflect the reality of how vulnerable young boys and girls are preyed upon by sexual predators and that it depressingly affects young people from a variety of racial, religious and cultural backgrounds. Not so for Katy Hopkins, whose Twitter reposts against the Member of Parliament for Rochdale were uncalled for.

Lastly, it should not have to be said, though for people like Katy Hopkins, it sadly needs to be said time and time again. British citizens of Pakistani heritage are some of the proudest citizens who healthily partake in the social and civic life of this country. Just as some may carry the Israeli flag and feel pride in being British and with an affiliation and affection for Israel, so British citizens of Pakistani heritage have the same right to celebrate their links to Pakistan in a simple show of support on the national day of the country. Yet, on other days, we have seen young and old, male and female members of the British Muslim community of Pakistani heritage, wrapped up in the British flag and celebrating events such as St George’s Day. Simply holding the Pakistani flag does not detract from their ‘loyalty’ to this country, nor should it. To infer that is simply mischevious.

Asking for a Far Right March for Votes In Dudley, Goes Way Beyond Politics

Afzal AminThe Mail on Sunday story on Dudley North candidate, Afzal Amin, is a shocking end to the political career of an individual who brought with him, ambition, military service, charisma and a flair for politics.

The Mail on Sunday story highlights how Amin suggested that the EDL should announce a march against the Dudley mosque just before the election, only to back down after a series of meetings (organised by Amin), with the local police and Muslim communities. The aim was to give the public the impression that he had lowered tensions in the local area by halting the EDL march and thereby to gain enough support the overturn the razor tight Labour majority in the area.

Furthermore, the investigation revealed that he wanted to possibly pay EDL activists who could talk to voters at the doorstep and who may have been persuaded to vote for him due to his military service. Amin must have assumed that the EDL activists could target specific profiles of potential voters and advocate his military credentials and service to them.

There are times when individuals over-reach themselves and make mistakes. There are positions that individuals and elected officials take that make clear their red lines and their desire to speak out on issues that matter to them. We understand that in an information rich and fast moving media cycle, these things happen and positions are taken. This is the rich tapestry of what makes life so exciting and sometimes so infuriating.

Yet, the investigation by the Mail on Sunday opens up a whole array of issues in relation to this ex-candidate. To use the EDL, a far right extremist group, to promote tensions in an area that has been blighted by tensions due to objections to the Dudley mosque, is jaw dropping. No-one should under-estimate the local fractures and tensions that the Dudley mosque has caused and which has ramifications for communities to this day. This is not to side with people who object to the Dudley mosque, nor is to support the vile campaigning by anti-Muslim groups like Britain First who seek to agitate and increase divisions. However, it is to acknowledge that the Dudley mosque has become a focal political point in the area and that tensions need to be reduced by cool heads.

With this in mind, we hope that the future Member of Parliament for Dudley North strives to bring together communities in the area and to keep out those who seek to divide, spread fear, intolerance and hatred. That is the last thing that Dudley needs.

More Threatening Anti-Islamic Statements on Birmingham Campus

Hate graffiti, Islam We have had the following reported in this morning. The threatening and highly inflammatory graffiti seems to have appeared on a campus site of the University of Birmingham. The statements are similar to previous statements that were reported to us and which we picked up on and actioned.

These statements have caused some fear within Muslim students on campus, as well as to Jewish students, particularly when a Swastika had previously been daubed onto the wall of a student hall.

We would urge strong and robust statements from the University of Birmingham to sending out a message that such bigotry has no place on campus and that all will be done to try and find the perpetrator/s. We would also call on the University to meet with the local Islamic Society for students to talk through their concerns and any fears.

David Coburn MEP Must Resign for Bigoted Comparison of Minister Humza Yousaf MSP, to Abu Hamza

Humza Yousaf MSPThe recent comments by UKIP MEP David Coburn against Scottish Minister Humza Yousaf, who is alleged to have said, “Humza Yousaf or as I call him, Abu Hamza,” are a flagrant slur on the reputation of Mr Yousaf who is the Scottish Minister for Europe and International Development and an SNP elected member for Glasgow. Elected in 2011.He has been a leading light in the SNP movement.

Mr Yousaf has responded to BBC Scotland by saying that he finds the comment “Islamophobic” and some of the “worst racial slurs” that had been made against him.

The comments made by Mr Coburn were made over the phone to a Daily Mail reporter on a theme related to BBC Scotland’s Big Immigration Debate aired earlier in the week. This has been followed by a further comment from UKIP’s Scottish chairman, Arthur Misty Thackeray, who said that the comparison was a “slip of the tongue.”

Writing to the leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage, Minister Yousaf stated:

“David Coburn is alleged to have said: “Humza Yousaf, or as I call him, Abu Hamza, didn’t seem to turn up.”

“You do not need me to tell you that this Islamophobic comment is utterly outrageous and unacceptable. None of us would tolerate this being shouted to a Muslim on the street by a member of the public. The fact that this has come from an elected member of the European Parliament is beyond the pale and completely unacceptable.”

Humza Yousaf LetterWe within TELL MAMA are clear that the alleged comments made by the UKIP MEP are anti-Muslim in nature and deeply prejudicial. Imagine if he said that about another community – would this be acceptable? The answer is clearly no. We expect Mr Farage to act quickly and decisively.

Liverpool Fan Abuses Muslims as They Pray During Match Break

We have previously raised the scandal of football fans abusing Muslims who decided that they wanted to pray in a quiet corner during a match. Sadly, the following abuse meted out on-line towards Muslims who happened to find a quiet corner in which to pray is shocking.

It seems that the sight of Muslims praying and taking  few minutes out to say their prayers is too much for a Liverpool fan who decided to put out a range of prejudiced and bigoted statements on Twitter. The pictures and the statements show that bigotry at matches is still sadly alive and well and no doubt, we will be passing on this article to Liverpool Football Club. Such abuse cannot and should not be tolerated.

Finally, if you come across such material on social media, we would be interested to hear from you. Such bigotry has no place on or off the field.

Muslims praying at Liverpool matchMuslims praying half time

Anti-Muslim Graffiti on Wall in Putney

Islamophobia GraffitiThis graffiti was reported to us by a member of the public on a building called the Ashlone Wharf in Putney Embankment, London, SW15

The graffiti which was likely painted overnight had a picture of what looks like a postbox and an object which is described as ‘Muslim women.’ The caption on the bottom which was mis-spelt reads, “the only difference is the coulor (sic).”

The graffiti was removed within 24 hours though it does show the brazen prejudice of an individual or a group of individuals who felt the need to deface the building overnight.

One of the traits of anti-Muslim prejudice is the fixation and abuse of Muslim women. This example, once again shows that the target of bigots are visible Muslim women. This has also been highlighted in previous reports that we have produced and which can be found here and here.

‘Burn Down Your Local Mosque’ says Caption on Sunderland North East Infidels Division

This was passed onto us this evening by a member of the public regarding the Sunderland North East Infidels Division. This caption shows the nature of the group and the kind of mindsets that are attracted and drawn to it. Apart from inciting people to ‘burn your local mosque,’ the group whips up readers into a frenzy about Muslims with graphics and pictures that attempt to mis-use Christianity and utilise mythology to feed the minds of those easily led by such hate. The result is a shocking graphic that has been brazenly hoisted onto the Facebook page of this group.

If you come across such material in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us and to send a url and snapshot of the material.

Sunderland North West Infidels

Racist nurse struck off for anti-Muslim Facebook posts

Do you think posting online hate has no offline consequences? Think again, a nurse at South Tyneside Hospital was struck off after her racist anti-Muslim Facebook rants were reported to hospital management.

Lisa Marie Kane self-identified as a staff nurse and used her Facebook page to post abuse aimed towards Muslim patients after a visit to Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary.

Examples of her racist and offensive Facebook posts included:

‘Never seen to many muslims. More in there than Kabul. STUNK’

‘I’m not employed to GET RID of ideology. I’ve got a mind of my own, unlik the brainwashed muslims. GET them out of my country.’

‘They chop our bruthas heads off, rape our sisters & see us as S***’

The comments were posted on June 19 2013 and later reported to hospital management. At a disciplinary meeting in October of that year, she was dismissed from South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust. Now, following a conduct hearing by the Nursing and Midwifery Council in London, Ms Kane was struck off from her profession.

Per the investigation, the panel was shown screenshots of Kane’s Facebook posts, alongside a transcript where Kane admitted posting the comments at an earlier internal investigation.

Other staff members warned Kane about the nature of her comments and management sent her emails about using Facebook appropriately. But it did not deter her from posting further vitriol.

The panel found her guilty on two counts: of posting inappropriate content on Facebook and that the comments were racist in nature.

Robert Barnwell, chairman of the NMC panel, concluded: “The panel determined that the act of posting racially offensive comments, borne out of deep seated attitudinal views, was abhorrent.

“The panel finds that Miss Kane’s actions fell seriously short of the conduct and standards expected of a nurse and amounted to serious misconduct.”

Ms Kane has a 28-day period to lodge any appeal (with an interim ban already in place).

Katie Hopkins Felt That She Wanted To Hurl Her Radio Through A Halal Only Subway

Katie HopkinsWe are back to Katie Hopkins since whilst her views are ill-informed, ill-judged and on some occasions, inflammatory, we think that she has finally topped the leader board in making up facts as you go along. Take for example, comments made in her column in the Sun newspaper, (Friday the 27th of February), where she froths and vocalises how she wanted to throw her radio through the window of a Halal only Subway. She stated:

“I am outraged that my country is changing and Great Britain is looking less great. I am also sick of holding my tongue. Enough.

The simple fact is that nearly half of Muslims in the UK think that the bearded loons who spout violence against the West are pretty much in line with mainstream Muslim opinion.

According to a BBC poll, almost half – 45% – believe that extremist clerics who preach violence against the West are “not out of touch.”

Do you hear that? 45% of Muslims in the UK think that the hooked preacher of hate was dead on the money. There are bearded fanatics ranting in the street encouraging ‘their brothers’ to machete the heads of white boys and not approvingly as they sauntee of to Sainsbury’s.

When I heard the BBC celebrating that the majority of British Muslims are opposed against those who want to fight against British interests, I wanted to yank my radio from the wall and hurl it through the window of the nearest Halal only subway.”

Katie Hopkins and her views do not just belong in the last century, some of her comments are racialised and insidiously present a ‘white’ and ‘black’ perspective. She comments on cutting the heads of white young men, yet fails to add that Jihadis have killed both Muslims and non-Muslims and people of many races. Yet, it is interesting to note that she does not contextualise her comments.

In the article, Katie mentions that she has been warned by legal advisors regarding commenting on issues such as this. She clearly continues to disregard that advice. Only time will tell whether Katie crosses a line through her language.