‘All Muslims Out of UK’. Resident Comes Home to Find Sign on Door

All Muslims Out of UK posterWhat would you do if you turned up to your future place of residence and found a sign saying that you were not wanted, was posted up on your door. What would you do if the sign was posted up simply because of a part of your identity, something that the perpetrator had not bothered to find out, or even discuss with you?

So imagine a young man turning up to find this on the front his door. This is the actual picture of the sign that was left on his door and which was sent to us. Dr Shaizir Aly, sadly, had to endure this bigoted hate placed outside his property in South East London.

In the 1960′s and 1970′s, many of those in the Windrush generation, as well as Ugandan Asians, would see signs outside the doors of premises saying, “No Irish, No Blacks and no dogs.” In 2014, we now see individuals place signs outside the houses of Muslims, whilst having a Goebbels type front and the audacity to promote such bigotry.

Thankfully the victim has reported this hate incident to the police. Yet, it shows anti-Muslim bigotry in its despicable, toxic and bile like state. We just hope that whoever posted this sign realises that this will not be left and shrugged off.

Sweden’s Swing to the Extreme Right is Disturbing & Weakens the Nation’s Image Globally

SwedenSweden’s general election in 2014, held on 14 September, saw the centre-left Social Democratic party gain the majority of the vote. They will form a weak minority government; the centre-left coalition thus far only has a potential 43% of the vote. However, a more disturbing trend emerged from this year’s election in Sweden: the far-right party, Sweden Democrats, gained 13% of the vote, more than doubling their share from the previous election. The party, which has its roots in neo-Nazi movements but is now reportedly ‘not racist’ is highly anti-Muslim. Jimmie Aakesson, leading the anti-immigration party, has made anti-Muslim and Islamophobic statements in the past and has praised Marine Le Pen’s National Front in France.

We might consider the Sweden Democrats to be part of a ‘new’ European far-right, one that has been careful to ‘sanitise’ its message, leaving behind Nazism, racism and anti-Semitism. In its place, a more complex xenophobia is visible, focusing on immigration and the threat of ‘Islamisation.’ For example, Aakesson says of Islamism that it is the ‘Nazism and communism of our time.’ In fact, much of the party’s rhetoric is deeply anti-Muslim, but disguises it through language about ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘immigration’. The notion that Muslims are welfare scroungers—something we frequently encounter in the British media as well—features in a political advert that the Sweden Democrats released where an old woman, presumably a pensioner, is forced out of a queue for welfare benefits by women in burqas.

Part of Sweden Democrats’ success is drawing young voters, for whom unemployment has oscillated between 20 and 25 percent. Much like Ukip, the party’s rhetoric and politics has moved away from racism, focusing on the failings of the political elite. Recently, the Sweden Democrats published a report on rape in Sweden, using a dodgy sample to argue that 48% of rapes are caused by foreign-born men who have retrograde views of women and are ‘culturally different’. The reliance of Sweden Democrats on issues of ‘cultural difference’ masks their anti-Muslim agenda with disturbing similarities to Marine Le Pen’s far-right wing movement in France.

While we should be encouraged by the fact that Sweden’s mainstream political parties have refused to work with the Sweden Democrats, it is crucial to continue to watch how the tensions about cultural difference sweeping Europe are playing out and generating support for the far-right. In the UK, 24 seats in the European Parliamentary elections went to Ukip, a party which also stresses similar anxieties about immigration. Most disturbing is that surveys found that Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s National Front, would gain 30% of the vote, well ahead of current President Francois Hollande. The far-right’s gains across Europe are not only a threat to tolerance and intercultural interaction, but also threaten mainstream political parties and must be taken seriously.

Security Minister, James Brokenshire MP: UK communities are stronger together

James Brokenshire MP, Barking MosqueJames Brokenshire meets religious leaders on visit to mosque in London.

On yesterday’s visit, (Monday 15 September), Immigration & Security Minister James Brokenshire stressed how UK communities are at their best when working together.

He condemned the recent brutal murder of humanitarian aid worker David Haines and other horrific acts of violence in Syria and Iraq during his meeting with community leaders at the Al Medina Mosque in Barking.

Immigration & Security Minister James Brokenshire said:

Faith institutions such as the Al Medina Mosque demonstrate how people are at their best when we work together. It is clear from the many activities and donations from across the UK that many of us feel the plight of the Syrian people.

We are also unified in our condemnation of the atrocious acts of brutality which we have seen unfolding in Iraq and Syria. We stand together in condemning terrorism and extremism but also in being clear that these have nothing to do with Islam or any other faith.

As the Prime Minister said, the root of these actions lies in a poisonous political ideology that a small minority support. In contrast, Islam is a religion which is observed peacefully and devoutly by more than a billion people.”

Without Fear

The minister also stated that this government is determined that everyone should be able to practise their faith freely and without fear. He said it was heartening to see how many people are making clear how alien these acts are to religion.

He emphasised the social media campaign #notinmyname, adding:

It is so important that these voices are heard and that they are joined in solidarity by many more.

Rotherham Mosque Damaged After Far Right Groups March Through

We raised the risk of further community tensions in Rotherham yesterday as far right groups agitated about the recent grooming abuse in the area. We also raised anti-Muslim abuse that was taking place in Rotherham and which we listed here.

Today, it seems that far right groups turned up and fought between themselves whilst marching through Rotherham. Yet, we have seen from other far right marches that such demos have targeted individuals thought to be Muslims and further agitation has included shouting out ‘Allah is a paedo.’ These terms were used before the Rotherham grooming crisis and were a means of eliciting a reaction from Muslim communities.

The example below of a broken mosque door shows the real impact of when such hooligans march through towns. This picture was sent in and shows a vandalised mosque window. The real impact of such groups is that they are a menace to all communities.

The best way to tackle grooming is for the signals to be picked up, individuals feeling more confident to report the abuse in and for agencies to work with young people and take their reports seriously. It does not need thugs menacing the streets of any city in our country. It is as simple as that.

Broken Window Rotherham MosquePicture of mosque circulated on Twitter by @zebmustefa and @eduhueh

Far Right Agitators & Extremist Groups Like Britain First Stoke Up Fires in Rotherham

This is the latest shocking and deeply inflammatory piece of material from the extremist group Britain First. The poster states, “Welcome to Rotherham, the Islamic Paedophile Capital of Britain.”

In the early hours of this morning we highlighted how racist and anti-Muslim incidents and attacks in Rotherham were a real concern and we highlighted these here. We have published a detail report on the language of hate and prejudice on the extremist Britain First Facebook page and where there have also been threats made and which have been targeted at Islamic institutions and mosques.

Yet, knowing that such material will inflame the passions of people and agitate an already sensitive situation in this small town, it seems that the extremist group Britain First simply do not care. Cynically, they add-on the bottom of the leaflet, “good standards of behaviour apply.” Well if that was the case, people would not join Britain First is the simple answer.

We call upon members of all communities to remain calm and to ensure that such groups do not get the tension and aggression that they feed off. Such groups do not put the ‘Great’ in Great Britain and are a public embarrassment as are those who have abused so many young people in various grooming scandals. The latter are people who should spend long periods of time losing their liberty and reflecting on the harm they have done, whilst the former simply have no care for the peace which we enjoy in our country.

We ask that the people of Rotherham be left alone so that they can pick up the pieces and build; that they come together against criminality, against bigotry and against intolerance and that never again, should those who abuse people get away with it. There is a responsibility to speak up and there is also a responsibility to speak against those whose main aim is to cause separation, segregation and violence. Not in our name to both groups.

Britain First Rotherham

More Rotherham Racial and Religious Hate Crimes in the City as Extremist Far Right Groups Agitate

We have just been informed by Muhbeen Hussain, the Founder & Chairperson of British Muslim Youth, of a series of racial and anti-Muslim incidents in Rotherham clearly linked to the grooming crisis that has hit the town.

Within TELL MAMA, we have seen an increase in reporting directly related to anti-Muslim prejudice, rhetoric and threats associated with Rotherham and community information from individuals like Muhbeen are confirming hate incidents that can have a real impact on future community relations. Allied to this, far right and extremist groups have called for a demonstration in Rotherham on Saturday the 13th of September. This is the last thing the residents of Rotherham need, extremist groups ramping up rhetoric and tensions.

We have been informed of an incident this evening where a taxi driver of Pakistani heritage was harassed in his vehicle by a group of young white males who knocked on the windows of the vehicle shouting “groomers” and making abusive remarks against the Quran and to people of Pakistani heritage. The incident continued for some time and Muhbeen got to the scene as police were called.

Muhbeen has also described 4 separate incidents where he personally has been subjected to racist and anti-Muslim rhetoric and where on one occasion, whilst he was undertaking a radio interview. The interview was being carried out on a street side corner and as the interview took place, a passenger in a vehicle shouted out “Muslim groomer,” as the car sped off. This also took place in a garage as Muhbeen was filling up with petrol and in 2 other incidents at a street level. In all 4 incidents, the term “groomer” was used and this against a young law-abiding and socially active young person working for better community relations in the area.

He has also mentioned that a taxi firm that he knows, has been receiving calls from people asking for taxis and stating that the firm “should not send groomers.” In other words, the inference made was that the firm should not send taxi drivers of Pakistani heritage.

There is a real concern that relations in the city may well be affected in the short-term by the grooming scandal and may well be affected in the medium and long-term. This is why we call on media, bloggers and others to be responsible and to report on issues without inflaming tensions in the town. Victims of the grooming scandal need justice. They need to be heard, but let us also be clear. Labeling and abusing people of Pakistani and Muslim backgrounds as being suspect or potential groomers does a dis-service to all communities and to the innocents caught up in this awful set of circumstances.

What Rotherham needs are cool and calm heads to prevail and for justice to be done. It does not need extremist far right groups capitalising on the pain of others and it does not need racists and bigots to believe that they have free range to terrorise others. If we allow this behaviour, well it simply isn’t being British.

Attack on NASFAT Islamic Centre in Manchester is Disturbing

A disturbing theft and arson attack on an Islamic Centre in Newton Heath, Greater Manchester has left a local Muslim community feeling vulnerable and insecure. On Friday 5th September, Greater Manchester Police were called to the NASFAT Islamic Centre on Regent Street at 11:25pm over reports that two men were stealing CCTV cameras. Witnesses described the thieves as wearing black clothes with scarves covering their faces.

Later that night, at 1:20am, the police were again called to the Centre after receiving a report that a minibus was on fire, which the congregation used to shuttle members to the Islamic Centre. Officers found that the minibus had been set alight deliberately, and two men in black clothes were seen running from the scene.

The police are treating both incidents as linked and CCTV footage from the rear of the Centre may be used to help capture the criminals. However, the police are still looking for witnesses to come forward. According to Inspector Chris Hadfield, the Greater Manchester Police is “investigating the possibility that this is a targeted hate crime and we will be working closely with our partners in the council and local community to try and track down the people responsible and prevent such an attack happening again.”

According to the Manchester Evening News, the NASFAT congregation (Nasrul-Lahi-il-Fathi Society of Nigeria) is feeling very vulnerable after such a violent attack. Chairman of the Centre, Abiola Ojo said,

“We don’t know why they are doing this. We are peaceful people. Since we have been here we have done nothing to harm the community. But whenever there are issues involving Islam in the world, something happens. We needed this bus as now some people won’t be able to make prayer meetings. But there is also the psychological effect on our members, they are now living in fear. They don’t want to come to a building where they think they might be in danger.”

We hope the Greater Manchester Police are successful in their search for witnesses and prosecution of the criminals that executed this attack. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the police by dialing 101 or the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Mob Justice Tinged with Racism and Anti-Muslim Hate

Anti-Muslim and Racist AbuseWe received community intelligence on a Facebook post that had been directed at a young British Asian of Pakistani heritage in South Yorkshire. A review of the Facebook posting by a group campaigning against a food retail outlet, (because they have Halal food options), showed the individuals name and address had been posted up and with the following comments shown below.

Rotherham, (post the grooming crisis), has become a magnet for extremist far right ideologues to post up material that targets Muslims and / or local British Asians of Pakistani heritage.

Yet, what is really concerning is the mob mentality and the threats and vile prejudice that is present on Facebook and which permeates through the links to other accounts. We have sent all of this material to South Yorkshire Police and will happily provide statements if needed on the postings below. Be in no doubt, if we receive such information, there is a likelihood that the police may well be making contact with you since you are infringing on the laws of our country. Thankfully, in the UK, we do not have mob justice which the far right and their sympathisers relish and fantasize about. This is why we must protect the free, open and fair society that we have and which so many have lived, died and worked for.

Posts Showing the Shameful and Aggressive Mentality of anti-Muslim Bigots

Matthew TurnerMick YeomansPaul RayShane BennettSteve Francis Steve Hill
Interesting to note the last comment. Seems that sending bacon to Muslims is something that comes to mindset of those who harbour inherent prejudices. We have also previously reported on such incidents here.

Piece of Ham Placed into Letterbox of Muslim Individual

We have just been informed of another anti-Muslim incident from a young Muslim man called Ahmed.
The public tweet that he sent to us stating the anti-Muslim incident (not racial), (given that ham was specifically placed into his letterbox), shows the level of prejudice that still exists when it comes to others who are seen as different.
Ahmed Anti-Muslim Incident Ham Yet, we have been repeating time and time again, over the last 3 months, that post ISIS, Rotherham, the recent murder of a woman in Edmonton and issues in the Middle East, the heightened risk to Muslim institutions, visible Muslim women and mosques. We had raised these issues here, here and here.

We urge mosques, Islamic institutions and faith institutions to continue to work together with third-party reporting agencies like ours, police contacts and local authority officers to ensure that no community is targeted for racist or prejudiced hate. It is essential that we all work together at this very sensitive time globally. We are not an island and what happens overseas does have an impact on communities here in the UK

Bureaucracy & Passing the Buck from Merseyside Police

Anti-Muslim Hate 1Very recently, we were informed by a member of the public of an account that we have previously reported in on a number of occasions. In fact, we started reporting the account @davymaccas since 2012 and have only once received feedback from Merseyside Police. The e-mail telling us that enquiries were being made has not been followed up on.

Community information on this account suggests that the individual may reside in Liverpool which meant that we reported the tweets in centrally through a Ministry of Justice and ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) site and to ensure that the case did not fall through any cracks, we also reported it to Merseyside Police directly.

Given the nature of the tweets that we have listed, one would assume that a report from a third-party national hate crime organisation would be taken seriously, as other forces do. Yet, after reporting this account in again, (we count approximately 16 times since 2012), we were shocked to receive what can only be called a bureaucratic brush off by a Merseyside Officer, with no further action taken by them.

We have listed the response below and think that it is, frankly, not good enough.

“Good morning. I have taken advice from a senior officer here at Mereyside (sic) Police.  The advice is that until there is proof that this person resides on Merseyside you would have to report it to your own force area.”

The world of bureaucracy it seems, is alive and well and given the nature of the threats and the fact that community intelligence led us to report to Merseyside Police, this is probably one of the worst displays of ‘passing the buck’ we have seen to date.

@davymaccas anti-Muslim hate@davymaccas anti-Muslim threats

@davymaccas anti-Muslim hate@davymaccas anti-Muslim hate

@davymaccas anti-Muslim hate