The Metropolitan Police are investigating the anti-Muslim and Islamophobic abuse directed towards a Muslim man by another male driver.

The incident occurred on January 24.

Speaking to Tell MAMA, the man agreed to have his story told anonymously and described the moment the perpetrator had left their vehicle in anger, making various anti-Muslim remarks towards him, referencing his ethnicity, beard, and Islamic identity.

The perpetrator escalated further by going face-to-face with the Muslim man, making aggressive comments like “you are Pakistani, what does your religion teach you?”

He was able to record the abuse on his phone before contacting the police when the situation deescalated.

In the previous reporting cycle for 2018, a vast majority of Muslim men reporting verified incidents to Tell MAMA sported beards, and in variations of religious clothing, including thobes.

The racialisation of Muslims, however, harms other religious minorities, including Hindus and Sikhs.

Almost one in 5 verified reports to Tell MAMA last year occurred on transport networks, which includes rail networks, the London Underground, airports, and public and private roads or highways.

Tell MAMA has documented other examples of the targeting of Muslim families and individuals when they are driving, or, have left their vehicle in response to abuse, criminal damage, threats, or harassment.

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