A neo-Nazi terrorist from Derbyshire convicted of various terrorism offences this week faces possible extradition to the United States after uploading material that helped influence the anti-Black terrorism that left ten people dead in Buffalo, New York, in May.

CNN profiled those murdered by the neo-Nazi terrorist Payton Gendron.

The Times newspaper reported that Gendron referred to 19-year-old Daniel Harris from Glossop, Derbyshire as a “friend” two months before the attacks (having adopted the username “Jimboboii” on Discord) and incorporated propaganda from a video Harris created in their racist 180-page screed.

Manchester Crown Court heard how Harris celebrated Gendron’s terrorism but denied “knowing” of what he had planned, the report added.

The Times disclosed how Harris was previously guilty of the racist vandalism of a memorial to murdered George Floyd in Manchester and for possessing violent child abuse images – a trend with other men convicted of far-right terror offences.

Derbyshire Police noted the broader influence of Harris’s terrorism as CTP EM Detective Inspector Chris Brett said: “By posting these videos online, Harris’ toxic rhetoric could have had untold influence on countless people across the world. Such actions will not be tolerated.”

It also emerged that police attempted to engage with Harris via Prevent but had lied about his efforts to deradicalise, forcing the police to arrest him swiftly.

The jury found Harris guilty of five counts of encouraging terrorism, breaching Section 1 of the Terrorism Act 2006, and concerns the creation and uploading of materials to the internet between February 2021 and March 2022. One such video sanctified the Christchurch video and praised the neo-Nazi Norweigan terrorist Anders Breivik.

The 19-year-old was also guilty of possessing material for terrorist purposes – a Section 57 offence under the Terrorism Act 2000 – and concerned his possession of a 3D printer used in an attempt to make parts of a firearm.

He was found not guilty of a single count of encouraging terrorism and remanded into custody pending sentencing next month.

Tell MAMA exclusively detailed how at least 16 men were convicted of far-right terror offences in the UK between September 2019 and June 2022, where they accessed the Christchurch screed, live stream, or took inspiration from it.

Gendron’s screed mirrors the neo-Nazi ideology of the Christchurch terrorist (and others), which push the conspiracy of the so-called “Great Replacement“. It also propagated virulent racism towards Muslims, Jewish and Black communities, adding support for eco-fascism and transphobia. Like the Christchurch terrorist, the screed also contained a degree of shitposting (incorporating an image of the comedian Sam Hyde) and racist memes that populate imageboards like 4chan and 8chan. Gendron would plagiarise the Christchurch terrorist with sections related to horrific acts of child sexual exploitation in parts of the UK.

The plagiarism went further: copying calls to murder London Mayor Sadiq Khan, the Jewish philanthropist and Holocaust survivor George Soros, and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

For a detailed analysis of the above, we urge audiences to re-read our 2019 report and related articles about far-right terrorism and digital fascism.

Payton Gendron pleaded guilty to the charges against him, including one count of domestic terrorism in the first degree, earlier this week.

Daniel Harris will appear for sentencing at Manchester Crown Court on January 16, 2023.