A Muslim family spoke of their shock after discovering tinned pork products placed on their wall and that of their neighbour when returning home one evening.

The incident occurred during the final week of the holy month of Ramadan in the Birmingham area.

The family added that such an incident had never happened in the area before.

Tell MAMA has long documented how perpetrators have targeted the homes or vehicles of Muslims with pork products – from placing rashers of bacon on car door handles or pushing them through letterboxes.

Nor have Islamic institutions (and their proposed locations) been immune from such visceral anti-Muslim and Islamophobic incidents either in recent years.

Just last week, the Jamia Masjid Sultania in Sneinton, Nottingham, had pork drippings, raw meat, dog waste and soiled nappies tossed into their car park. In a Facebook post dated May 20, the mosque revealed that Nottinghamshire Police are also investigating a string of threatening letters sent to the mosque.

Nor is the issue isolated to the UK either, with pig’s head and pork products targeting mosques in Germany and the Czech Republic in 2020. And, in March 2019, a pig’s head and animal blood appeared at the entrance to a proposed mosque in Bergerac, France.

The weaponisation of pork to cause harm to Muslims is not a recent phenomenon either and remains an ideological fixation of the far-right.

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