Twitter & the Platform Used by Haters

by TellMAMA | Dec 10th, 2013 | News, Uncategorized

As we have said time and time again, Twitter has become an easy and wide-ranging…

Twitter has become the virtual Wild Wild West for online anti-Muslim abuse says Imran Awan

by TellMAMA | Dec 6th, 2013 | IT Technology, News

Islamophobia remains a major concern in British society with a number of reported incidents of…

Geller and Spencer Must Be Kept Out Of The UK

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We understand that anti-Muslim arch promoter, Pamela Geller and her Z lister arch side kick,…

Fighting Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism by Rabbi Debbie Young-Somers, Movement for Reform Judaism

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  About 3 or 4 years ago I attended a fascinating day conference hosted by…

Our Response to the Forward Plan of Action by the Extremism Task Force

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The Government’s Extremism Task Force will be releasing its forward plan of action today, (4/12/13)….

‘Maybe We Are Hated’: The Experience and Impact of Anti-Muslim Hate on British Muslim Women, November 2013

by admin | Nov 30th, 2013 | News, Reports

This report, authored by Dr Chris Allen, Dr Arshad Isakjee and Ozlem Ogtem Young reviews…

Letter to Michael O’Leary – Ryanair

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12/11/13 Michael O’Leary, Ryanair Ltd. Registered Office: Ryanair Corporate Head Office Dublin Airport Co. Dublin…

Ryanair Boss Does Not Need to Pander to Dog-Whistle Politics Just to Sell Cheap Airline Tickets

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Contact: Tel: 0800 456 1226 Date: 12/11/13 Embargo: None Recent comments by Ryanair’s Chief…

Unveiling the Truth: Responses from French Women Who Wear the Niqab

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In the recent ‘Niqab’ debates there has been a strange lack of women’s voices who…

Evidence of EDL Co-ordinated Mosque Planning Application Objections

by TellMAMA | Nov 3rd, 2013 | Mosques, News

On October 30, the English Defence League’s Facebook page made an unusual request to supporters…